Card Shark

four-hours-with-card-shark-looks-like-it’s-playing-aces-high-all-the-way Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Four hours with Card Shark looks like it’s playing aces high all the way

I am extremely bad at card games, despite the fact that meeting up and playing poker at a friend’s house was one of the main entertainments on offer when I was a teenager (because one guy had a full chip set, for some reason). I cannot remember any of the rules of poker, but I do really like the feel of cards, the shick schick shick of shuffling them and all the business of moving them around in your hand as if that’ll change things very much. Card Shark, the latest game from the Reigns devs Nerial, is an ideal…

nintendo-indie-world-presentation-showed-off-plenty-of-games,-some-out-today VG247

Nintendo Indie World presentation showed off plenty of games, some out today

Nintendo announced plenty of games coming to the console during its Nintendo Indie World presentation.The Nintendo Indie World showcase announced over 14 titles, and some were even released today.Subnautica and Subnautica: Below Zero from Unknown Worlds Entertainment are both coming to Nintendo Switch in 2021. In Subnautica, players discover the depths of a vast alien underwater world by collecting resources, crafting underwater structures, and outsmarting wildlife to uncover the mystery of the planet they crash-landed on.  Subnautica: Below Zero will have divers trying to survive the icy biomes of planet 4546B.Raji: An Ancient Epic, from Nodding Head Games, releases today on Switch is a timed…