final-monster-hunter-rise:-sunbreak-digital-event-set-for-june-7 VG247

Final Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak digital event set for June 7

Capcom will host the final Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak digital event next week. It asks players to tune in to find out what’s coming in the Bonus Update, followed by a developer roundtable where the team will reflect on bringing Rise and Sunbreak to life. The digital show will kick off at 7am PT, 10am ET, 3pm UK on June 7. Sunbreak, a major paid expansion to Monster Hunter Rise, was released for PC and Switch in June 2022 and added new armor, monsters, quests, story elements, weapons, and a more difficult Master Rank. It also brought the Palamute, a…

the-street-fighter-6-wifi-wars-have-begun VG247

The Street Fighter 6 wifi wars have begun

With new players excited for the Street Fighter 6 launch date, ethernet vs wifi arguments are back. The Street Fighter 6 community are throwing punches at eachother online following the revelation that wifi indicators will appear next to players heading into online lobbies. With this out info out in the world, debate surrounding the merits of wired vs wireless connections has sprung up yet again. It’s an argument that has been raging for years now, born thanks to the importance of a stable connection in the genre back when the netcode wasn’t nearly as good as it is these days….

street-fighter-6-review:-one-of-the-best-fighting-game-packages-of-all-time VG247

Street Fighter 6 review: one of the best fighting game packages of all time

In gaming, as in any art, you sometimes have to learn to take the rough with the smooth. No artist, director, studio, production house, or franchise is infallible. But the failures aren’t always just missteps. Sometimes, they’re stepping stones on the route to triumph. This happens in all mediums, but I think we see more of it in games. This is the story of Final Fantasy 14 to A Realm Reborn, of the Wii U to the Switch – and of Street Fighter 5 to Street Fighter 6. A greatly troubled game at launch that took years to rescue, the…

street-fighter-6-review:-the-former-champ-is-finally-back-on-top Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Street Fighter 6 review: the former champ is finally back on top

Back in February 1991, Capcom released Street Fighter 2 to arcades. Unbeknownst to Capcom at the time, Street Fighter 2’s massive success would cause it to become the blueprint for fighting games – a genre the game effectively created upon its release. This blueprint proved to be so influential that even some of Street Fighter 2’s most underwhelming elements are still being parroted in fighting games today. As a result, more than 30 years later, one constant in the fighting game genre has always remained true: the story mode is gonna suck. There have been some valiant attempts at rectifying…

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It won’t matter one bit, but the PlayStation Showcase left me concerned about the PS5’s future

Spider-Man 2 and a love of the PlayStation brand means this won’t matter to most, but from my point of view, Sony fluffed this big time. I didn’t watch the PlayStation Showcase live for a number of boring reasons (one involves projectile vomiting, if you must know), but I watched it as if live this morning hoping a string of exciting announcements would lift my dreary bones. My bones were not lifted. In fact they spontaneously moved to form the exact pose of the shrug emoji. If this was Sony’s big showcase for PS5 this year – its “E3 moment”…

street-fighter-6’s-open-beta-strikes-out-later-this-month Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Street Fighter 6’s open beta strikes out later this month

Capcom are holding an open beta for their upcoming hadouken ‘em up Street Fighter 6, commencing on May 19th and concluding May 21st. The open beta will include all of the same content from December’s closed beta test, but now more fans can jump into the fray to whack foes in online matches. To participate in the punchin’ n’ kickin’, players need to register their Capcom ID and link their preferred platform which includes PC and consoles. Read more

capcom’s-president-has-some-high-hopes-over-how-many-copies-street-fighter-6-will-sell VG247

Capcom’s president has some high hopes over how many copies Street Fighter 6 will sell

10 million is quite the target. Street Fighter 6 is shaping up to be a strong followup to its predecessor, and it seems that Capcom’s president has some high hopes for how many copies it will sell. As much as fighting game players like to think that fighting games are the hottest thing since sliced bread, for the most part it’s a pretty niche genre. The genre does typically retain players quite well, assuming the game is good, but in terms of sheer units it mostly struggles compared to other genres. That doesn’t matter much to Capcom’s president Haruhiro Tsujimoto…

street-fighter-6’s-world-tour-mode-feels-like-a-token-distraction-from-its-awesome-arcade-fights Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Street Fighter 6’s World Tour mode feels like a token distraction from its awesome arcade fights

In the incredibly rare circumstance that you might have had a Kinder Egg as a kid, was the toy ever your favourite part? It sure wasn’t for me. I was all about the chocolate. Sure, I’d crack open the yellow canister inside, let out some variation of, “Oh, an elephant!”, and promptly toss it in the bin and walk away, its destiny consigned to landfill. In the landfill of my brain, I’m currently carving out new space for Street Fighter 6’s World Tour mode. It’s available to try now in demo form on PC and consoles, but I’ve been able…

don’t-play-the-street-fighter-6-beta-“outside-of-the-designated-period,”-you-might-just-get-banned VG247

Don’t play the Street Fighter 6 beta “outside of the designated period,” you might just get banned

Capcom isn’t messing around. If you had access to the Street Fighter 6 beta, and you’ve continued to play outside of designated hours, you might want to cut that out before Capcom finds out. In a recent tweet from the Capcom Fighters Twitter account, the developer shared that it had found some players had been playing the Street Fighter Closed Beta Test even though the test was technically over. As a result, Capcom has clarified that any other players that do this may be banned from playing in some of the upcoming tournaments that feature the fighting game. “It has…

monster-hunter-rise:-sunbreak’s-next-update-brings-elder-dragon-amatsu,-risen-shagaru-magala,-and-more-events VG247

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak’s next update brings Elder Dragon Amatsu, Risen Shagaru Magala, and more events

More monsters, more events. Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak’s Free Title Update 5 arrives tomorrow, and it comes with two challenging new monsters. You will be fighting Risen Shagaru Magala and the Looming Calamity, Amatsu. Alongside these monsters, the Anomaly Investigations level cap has been increased, two Risen Elder Dragons will be added to Anomaly Research Quests, an update is coming to the Melding Pot, new Special Investigations are coming, and even more Event Quests are on the way. Amatsu is an Elder Dragon that bends the weather to its will, and when confronted is capable of summoning storms and lightning…

street-fighter-6-showcase-goes-live-tomorrow-–-features-lil-wayne VG247

Street Fighter 6 Showcase goes live tomorrow – features Lil Wayne

Over 30 minutes of gameplay is on the way April 20, Capcom has announced. A Street Fighter 6 showcase will be going live tomorrow! It’ll be just over 30 minutes long and will feature Lil Wayne for some reason. Okay! Announced via the official Capcom Twitter, the showcase will be the final pre-release update before the game launches on June 2. We don’t know what to expect from this showcase at this time, other than it will contain “big news and announcements,” according to the announcement post, so we’ll have to tune in and find out live! You can watch…

four-classic-sega-genesis-titles-are-now-available-on-nintendo-switch-online VG247

Four classic SEGA Genesis titles are now available on Nintendo Switch Online

Say hello to Pulseman, Flicky, Street Fighter II: Special Champion Edition, and Kid Chameleon. Nintendo is regularly updating the line-up of games available for Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack subscribers. Just a couple of months ago, it expanded massively by introducing GameBoy Advance titles to the service. Now, though, it has added four classic SEGA Genesis titles for players to revisit, or try for the first time. Catch a glimpse of the classics coming to NSO this month right here. This time around, the four SEGA Genesis titles that players get to dive into are Pulseman, Flicky, Street Fighter…

resident-evil-2-and-3-missing-ray-tracing-options-will-be-addressed-in-future-update VG247

Resident Evil 2 and 3 missing ray tracing options will be addressed in future update

It appears that the quiet removal of the ray tracing options for either game on Steam was not intended. In a recent update to the remakes of Resident Evil 2 and 3, the ray tracing options for the Steam versions of the games were quietly removed. Haven’t had a chance to check out Resident Evil 4 Remake yet? Here’s the launch trailer. This led to plenty of players being confused as to why the options were suddenly gone. Capcom did not comment, at the time, on why ray tracing had been removed from both games. This led players to obviously…

pokemon-go-developer-niantic-and-capcom-team-up-for-monster-hunter-now VG247

Pokemon GO developer Niantic and Capcom team up for Monster Hunter Now

You’ll soon be able to hunt monsters throughout your local area. Capcom is teaming up with Pokemon GO developer, Niantic, for its next game in the Monster Hunter series. The new game, named Monster Hunter Now, will become available for iOS and Android devices in September 2023. If you’re a keen Monster Hunter hoping to join in on the action early, however, a closed beta test of the game takes place on April 25. Check out the teaser trailer for Monster Hunter Now right here. Monster Hunter Now hopes to have players flocking to the streets to slay various creatures,…

resident-evil-2-and-3-remake’s-raytracing-options-are-gone,-but-capcom-hasn’t-said-why VG247

Resident Evil 2 and 3 Remake’s raytracing options are gone, but Capcom hasn’t said why

Though this only concerns the PC versions of the games. In a recent update for the remakes of both Resident Evil 2 and 3, Capcom has removed raytracing options for the games, but no one’s quite sure why. Last week players noticed that the most recent update for the Resident Evil 2 and 3 remakes took out any options related to raytracing in the PC versions of the game, without an explanation for doing so. This was pointed out by Reddit user pmc64 on the pcgaming subreddit, who noted that both games are “still DirectX 12,” but the options are…