Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II (2022)

the-games-that-defined-2022-for-the-rps-guides-team Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The games that defined 2022 for the RPS guides team

Guides work is a very strange beast, and one that we don’t talk about as often as we maybe should. By its nature, we here in guidestown can feel a bit isolated from the rest of RPS. Our guides aren’t very visible to our regular readers. No one hops onto a website like this and says to themselves, “Well now! I wonder what guides have been written today that I can spend my time reading through!”. The vast majority of people who read our guides come straight from a Google search into something specific like “Can I romance Yennefer and…

modern-warfare-2-suplexes-christmas-with-festive-multiplayer-makeover Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Modern Warfare 2 suplexes Christmas with festive multiplayer makeover

Shipmas arrives in Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 tomorrow, with the game’s Christmas update for multiplayer. The reimagined version of the classic Shipment map – introduced with last week’s Season 01 Reloaded midseason update – will be festooned with decorations, along with the bodies of your enemies. COD now has its own Santa, too, and I wouldn’t want to tangle with him. You can see what I mean, and catch a glimpse of the holiday version of Shipment, by watching the trailer below. Read more

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Warzone 2.0 gets a temporary Rocket League mode on Wednesday

Football may not have come home this year, but it is coming to Call Of Duty: Warzone 2.0. A limited-time mode introduced with Season 01 Reloaded’s launch on Wednesday will see two teams of three knocking a big football about on ATVs equipped with special pulse abilities, in classic Rocket League fashion. The developers are also bringing back Mini Royale, popping up a new building in the DMZ mode, and adding a new map to the multiplayer mode that you actually need to own Modern Warfare 2 for. Read more

ftc-seeks-to-block-microsoft-from-acquiring-activision-blizzard-alleging-it-will-suppress-competition VG247

FTC seeks to block Microsoft from acquiring Activision Blizzard alleging it will suppress competition

It believes the acquisition would give Microsoft the “means and motive to harm competition.” The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is seeking to block Microsoft from acquiring Activision Blizzard. An independent agency of the US government, the FTC alleges the $69 billion deal would enable Microsoft to suppress competitors to its Xbox gaming consoles. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – PC Trailer In a complaint issued December 8, the FTC pointed to Microsoft’s “record of acquiring and using valuable gaming content to suppress competition from rival consoles.” The agency specifically called out Microsoft’s acquisition of ZeniMax, Bethesda’s parent company, and…

ps5-and-modern-warfare-2-were-the-top-sellers-in-the-us-for-the-month-of-november VG247

PS5 and Modern Warfare 2 were the top sellers in the US for the month of November

Both repeated October’s performance. The NPD Group has released its November 2022 report covering video game hardware, software, and accessory sales in the US. According to the NPD, total videogame industry spending increased 3% year-over-year (yoy) to $6.3 billion with growth driven by a 45% increase in hardware dollar sales. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Launch Trailer November brings year-to-date spending to $49 billion, which is a 6% decline yoy. Hardware saw a 45% increase yoy to $1.3 billion, led by PlayStation 5 in both unit and dollar sales. PS5’s lead was due to an increase in retail volume…

modern-warfare-2-is-the-best-call-of-duty-multiplayer-in-years-–-and-a-great-indication-of-things-to-come VG247

Modern Warfare 2 is the best Call of Duty multiplayer in years – and a great indication of things to come

Call of Duty has been on a bit of a downwards trend lately, but the latest Modern Warfare rights the series and suggests a bright future, too. Call of Duty has a lot of problems. Even in the last seven days, documents have been published that show the close link the series has with the US armed forces, suggesting the game is a big, military-industrial psyop designed to rescue the image of the US war machine and drive recruitment to its ranks. As if that’s not bad enough, the single-player portions of the games often whitewash US war crimes and…

“call-of-duty-gamers-are-neither-‘special’-nor-‘unique’,”-says-microsoft VG247

“Call of Duty gamers are neither ‘special’ nor ‘unique’,” says Microsoft

Microsoft has said Call of Duty isn’t quite as important as it’s being made out to be as the publisher defends Activision Blizzard acquisition deal. There’s an ongoing battle of attrition between PlayStation and Xbox over Microsoft’s drawn-out Activision Blizzard acquisition deal. Sony is quite unhappy about how it’s all being handled, and has made multiple comments about how Call of Duty sits at the middle of the mess. So now, it looks like Microsoft is attempting to downplay the importance of the series – and the impact that it has on the Xbox ecosystem at large. “Call of Duty…

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Call Of Duty Warzone 2 review: a worthy successor

Not long ago I watched my Warzone Legacy, a two-minute-long compilation of my best stats from the first game, which included my K/D ratio and hours played and the like. It was undoubtedly produced by AI to feed the social media machine, yet the cold, hard numbers transported me back to the warm embrace of Verdansk, a battle royale map my mates and escaped to almost every evening as the pandemic raged. The silly 120 second video shot me right in the feelings. My history with the first game means that I enter Warzone 2 with an embarrassing tangle of…

waiting-for-datacenters-in-warzone-2.0-or-modern-warfare-2?-you’re-not-the-only-one VG247

Waiting for datacenters in Warzone 2.0 or Modern Warfare 2? You’re not the only one

A lot of people are getting irritated with WOLTERS – FRANCIS tonight as network traffic prevents players logging in to Call of Duty’s big new update. Have you got home from work today eager to try Warzone 2.0 – the latest battle royale experiment from Call of Duty, Raven, Infinity Ward, and Activision? Have you been met with an infuriating pop-up when you’ve first tried to log in, telling you that you cannot play because your game client is ‘waiting for datacenters’? Well, you’re not the only one. Time to kill? Might as well watch the Battle Pass trailer for…

shoot-house-returns-in-call-of-duty:-modern-warfare-2-next-week Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Shoot House returns in Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 next week

Next week will bring the release of Warzone 2.0, Call Of Duty’s free-to-play battle royale mode, but it also marks the beginning of Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2‘s season one. With it, two new maps are coming: Shoot House, which you’ll find a trailer for below, on November 16th; and sometime after that, the return of the infamous Shipment. Read more

modern-warfare-2’s-wide-open-map-design-is-great-for-fps-grandpas-like-me VG247

Modern Warfare 2’s wide-open map design is great for FPS grandpas like me

For someone tired of MOBA-like map design in modern FPS titles, Infinity Ward’s penchant for open areas and secondary routes in Modern Warfare 2 is perfect. As someone who loved the entirety of 2019’s Modern Warfare reboot, I’m sad to say that, against expectations, I found the MW2 campaign to be largely underwhelming. But its multiplayer – launch woes aside – is the most fun I’ve had playing Call of Duty in ages. The campaign certainly tries to do new things. I could draft an entire article about how the gunplay has never felt better, or how Infinity Ward has…

call-of-duty-player-complains-about-his-modern-warfare-2-ban…-in-person-at-activision-studio VG247

Call of Duty player complains about his Modern Warfare 2 ban… in person at Activision studio

As you can imagine, this Redditor’s trip didn’t go exactly as planned. One player took his frustrations with a Modern Warfare 2 ban too far this week. First reported by the folk at PCGamer, this player took themselves off to the Activision studio located in Austin, Texas, in the hopes of speaking with a real member of staff face-to-face about his issue. Catch the accolades trailer for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 here. It doesn’t take any brain gymnastics to figure out how this all went down, either. In a post to the r/Activision subreddit, which has since been…

$4000-later,-he’s-starting-a-family:-for-some,-mw2’s-burger-king-skin-grey-market-is-paying-out-big VG247

$4000 later, he’s starting a family: For some, MW2’s Burger King skin grey market is paying out big

We talk to some of the few who have made away from the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2/Burger King situation with a lot of cash. Every once in a while, the video game industry provides an opportunity for a damn good hustle. A chance to make some cash through legitimate, albeit unintended, means. Moose runs in World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor, the party hat barons of RuneScape who trade colourful cosmetics for Scrooge McDuck levels of in-game gold, and now international Modern Warfare 2 Burger King skin sellers. For a few around the world, Activision Blizzard’s latest marketing…

modern-warfare-2-has-a-surprisingly-good-benchmark-on-pc VG247

Modern Warfare 2 has a surprisingly good benchmark on PC

Modern Warfare 2 does have a PC benchmark test, and it offers more information than most games’ care to. If you’ve been playing PC games for long enough, you’ll no doubt be familiar with how rare it is to see a half-decent benchmark test in a PC game. Often times, people come up with their own stress runs and report everything manually. Plenty of PC games do include benchmarks, though seemingly just to check a box and get it out of the way – but not Modern Warfare 2. Our Modern Warfare 2 campaign thoughts. Modern Warfare 2’s servers are…