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moonglow-bay-review:-a-relaxing-fishing-rpg-that’s-all-about-keeping-it-reel Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Moonglow Bay review: a relaxing fishing RPG that’s all about keeping it reel

Everything in the seaside town of Moonglow Bay has seen better days. That includes you, a middle-aged accountant who’s moved out of the big city for a fresh start. But things never go quite to plan, do they? The moment-to-moment of Moonglow Bay is a chilled-out experience of getting out onto the waves, exploring various biomes, catching fish, and cooking them up to sell or gift to the townspeople. But within that is an exploration of things going awry, and letting go of old dreams in order to build new ones. Read more

moonglow-bay-is-a-cute,-slice-of-life-fishing-sim Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Moonglow Bay is a cute, slice-of-life fishing sim

We recently asked you whether you preferred inventory Tetris or fishing minigames. Moonglow Bay is a game for people who chose the latter: a ‘slice-of-life’ fishing sim with a colourful voxel art style set in a village where rumours of strange beasts have scared the locals into becoming landlubbers. The announcement trailer is just lovely. Read more