itch.io’s-worthy-of-better,-stronger-together-bundle-aims-to-raise-$150,000-for-reproductive-rights Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Itch.io’s Worthy Of Better, Stronger Together bundle aims to raise $150,000 for reproductive rights

A new bundle of discounted indie games on Itch.io is aiming to raise $150,000 towards reproductive rights and women’s charities following the US Supreme Court’s overturn of federal abortion rights last month. The Worthy Of Better, Stronger Together bundle is organised by streamer and musician Abbey ‘Scruncho’ Smith of horror game publisher Dread XP, and features 169 games. Picking up the bundle aids the National Organization For Women and the Center For Reproductive Rights in equal measure. Read more

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You’ve got one day left to buy the Stand With Ukraine Humble Bundle

About a week ago, Humble Bundle put together the Stand With Ukraine Bundle to raise money for humanitarian relief efforts in Ukraine. For £30.58, you can get almost a hundred games, and some books and software too. It’s great value, but there’s only one day left to buy it, so you should probably get a move on. As of today, the bundle’s raised over £12 million pounds to help victims and refugees from the war in Ukraine, which is an amazing achievement. All of the proceeds are being split between four organisations providing relief efforts: Razom for Ukraine, International Rescue…

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Ukraine Humble Bundle offers Satisfactory, Back 4 Blood, and dozens more games

As one amazing fundraising bundle for Ukraine ends, another begins. Humble Bundle today launched the Stand With Ukraine Bundle, raising money for relief efforts by offering almost 100 games including Satisfactory, Back 4 Blood, Slay The Spire, Metro Exodus, Kerbal Space Program, and the Spyro remastered trilogy. Pay at least £30.58 and you’ll get all those and dozens more. It’s a wild deal for a good cause. Read more

support-ukraine-with-this-astonishing-$10-bundle-of-almost-600-indie-games Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Support Ukraine with this astonishing $10 bundle of almost 600 indie games

A phenomenal new bundle of indie games is raising money for two charities supporting relief efforts in Ukraine. The Bundle For Ukraine on Itch.io includes over almost games, and you can have the lot if you pay at least $10. Games include Celeste, A Short Hike, Superhot, Hidden Folks, and oh so many more worth mentioning. Barely 11 hours after launching, the bundle has already raised over $593,000 towards its $1 million goal. Probably because it’s a great deal for a good cause. Read more

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This hefty Nintendo Switch bundle is $50 off at Sam’s Club

By Grace Curtis, Tuesday, 22 December 2020 15:37 GMT Ask anyone: good deals on Switches are few and far between. Which is why it’s great to see a bundle this comprehensive going for a proper discount.The offer, which is exclusive to Sam’s Club in the US, comes with a 128 GB Sandisk Megacard (as recommended by the bright minds at Digital Foundry), plus a grey carrying case and a twelve month family subscription to Nintendo Online (a mandatory addition if you’re looking to play with friends over quarantine), and, of course, the classic red and blue console. In short, if…