battlefield-2042’s-floating-corpses-bug-made-me-laugh-a-lot Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Battlefield 2042’s floating corpses bug made me laugh a lot

You know, I was pretty disappointed that this weekend’s Battlefield 2042 beta didn’t have wingsuits. It’s been one of the main things I’m looking forward to, leaping from buildings and gliding at unsuspecting foes, so it was sad that we didn’t get to try it out. However, as I played, I realised that some players didn’t seem to need wingsuits to get themselves off of the ground: they simply needed to die in a janky vehicle accident instead. Read more

elite-dangerous:-odyssey-releases-new-patch-fixing-tons-of-bugs Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey releases new patch fixing tons of bugs

When Elite Dangerous: Odyssey came out on May 19th, it was filled to the brim with bugs. Crashes, performance issues, stability problems – you name it, Odyssey was suffering from it. Developers Frontier issued three hotfix patches in its launch week, but more still needed to be done. Now they’ve released a sizeable patch that should remove a lot of the jank, addressing issues with the servers, UI, lighting, menus, missions and more. Read more

ps5-and-xbox-series-x-are-so-buggy-it’s-ruining-my-next-gen-excitement VG247

PS5 and Xbox Series X are so buggy it’s ruining my next-gen excitement

If all the features of the new consoles worked as advertised, that would be great, thanks.I press the PS Button on my DualSense controller. It beeps, but nothing appears on my TV. The lights on the DualSense pulse a bit and then nothing. I press the button again. Nothing. The PS5 has no signs of life so I press the power button on the console itself. Nothing. Fearing the worst I press it again, and the machine is jolted awake. But I’m greeted, as expected, by the rebuilding database screen, its low resolution rubbing salt into the wound.This issue would…