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toktik-colorpick-is-probably-the-opposite-of-watching-paint-dry Rock,Paper,Shotgun

TokTik ColorPick is probably the opposite of watching paint dry

In fact, there’s a good argument to make that TikTok ColorPick is the act of watching paint get wetter. Inspired by the effortlessly daft “#guessthepaint” videos of TikTok artist Christian M Hull, Tiny Islands creator David King has created an interactive toy for guessing your own paint without shelling out a fortune at B&Q. Hey, if it’s free and passes the time this evening, it might just be worth a shot. Take my advice, though – it almost always ends up beige. (more…)

finally,-a-(digital)-art-gallery-for-gamers Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Finally, a (digital) art gallery for gamers

Gamers – they aren’t just basement dwellers any more. Shocking, I know, but such is the premise of a bizarre 3D browser gallery opened by Activision Blizzard earlier this week. A free, tiny shrine to corporate art, the publishing giant’s demographic-driven collection of prints have “levelled up” historical forms to create one of the strangest browser spaces I’ve ever attended. Yes, even stranger than that cyberspace Oregon Country Fair. (more…)