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wordle’s-getting-a-boss Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Wordle’s getting a boss

World-straddling behemoth of a guessing game Wordle has welcomed its own overlord this week in the form of an editor. The New York Times have announced that Tracy Bennett is now in charge of curating the word list for the puzzle game, which was acquired by the newspaper back in January. Wordle will be programmed and tested just like the NYT’s Spelling Bee and Crossword. Read more

enjoy-biomechanical-biker-body-horror-in-free-interactive-fiction-greaser Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Enjoy biomechanical biker body horror in free interactive fiction Greaser

What are you doing for the next ten minutes? Nothing much? Alright, here’s what you’re doing: playing Greaser, a wee free visual novel about riding a Cronenbergian biomechanical motorbike along an endless unreal desert highway. It’s playable in your browser so kick-start on over to right now. I don’t know what else you’re doing this morning that’ll get your engine running more than adventure, self-discovery, and erotic motorbike maintenance. Read more

cloudle-is-wordle-for-weather-forecasts Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Cloudle is Wordle for weather forecasts

If you want to flex your meterology rather than your vocabulary, check out a neat new free game inspired by Worlde: Cloudle. Each day, it asks players to guess the five-day weather forecast for a random city around the world, filling out a grid with weather symbols. It’s Wordle but with weather, and I like it. Read more

who-are-ya?-is-like-wordle-but-with-football-players Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Who Are Ya? is like Wordle but with football players

I have enjoyed seeing Wordle fans make a million new daily puzzle games to make us guess words in strange and cruel new ways. I have enjoyed even more seeing Wordle fans make daily puzzle games which aren’t about guessing words, using familiar elements for whole new challenges. Heardle makes you guess songs by listening to their opening seconds. And now I’ve learned about Who Are Ya?, a game which uses the Wordle format to make you guess the identify of footballers. It’s an interesting challenge. Read more

toktik-colorpick-is-probably-the-opposite-of-watching-paint-dry Rock,Paper,Shotgun

TokTik ColorPick is probably the opposite of watching paint dry

In fact, there’s a good argument to make that TikTok ColorPick is the act of watching paint get wetter. Inspired by the effortlessly daft “#guessthepaint” videos of TikTok artist Christian M Hull, Tiny Islands creator David King has created an interactive toy for guessing your own paint without shelling out a fortune at B&Q. Hey, if it’s free and passes the time this evening, it might just be worth a shot. Take my advice, though – it almost always ends up beige. (more…)

finally,-a-(digital)-art-gallery-for-gamers Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Finally, a (digital) art gallery for gamers

Gamers – they aren’t just basement dwellers any more. Shocking, I know, but such is the premise of a bizarre 3D browser gallery opened by Activision Blizzard earlier this week. A free, tiny shrine to corporate art, the publishing giant’s demographic-driven collection of prints have “levelled up” historical forms to create one of the strangest browser spaces I’ve ever attended. Yes, even stranger than that cyberspace Oregon Country Fair. (more…)