streamer-kai-cenat-calls-out-twitch-after-overtaking-xqc-for-most-subs Twitch

Streamer Kai Cenat Calls Out Twitch After Overtaking xQc For Most Subs

Kai Cenat provided a bright spot at the end of what was a very bad week for Twitch. The 20-year-old streamer managed to crack 80,000 paid subs, overtaking Félix ‘xQc’ Lengyel to become the most subscribed English-speaking channel on Twitch. A tearful mid-stream call with his mom summed up everything the moment meant to him and his fans. “My son works harder, he’s a grinder,” she said. “Every day, every night, and he gives me the world.”

top-twitch-streamers-like-pokimane,-mizkif-threaten-strike-after-$200,000-gambling-scam Twitch

Top Twitch Streamers Like Pokimane, Mizkif Threaten Strike After $200,000 Gambling Scam

On Saturday, a Twitch streamer named Abraham Mohammed, better known to viewers as Sliker, admitted that he had scammed fans and other content creators out of at least $200,000 to fund his Counter-Strike: Global Offensive gambling addiction. In response, big-name streamers such as Imane “Pokimane” Anys, Matthew “Mizkif” Rinaudo, and Devin Nash have been coordinating a boycott of Twitch during the week of Christmas to protest the platform’s lax policies on gambling streams.

twitch-is-removing-its-‘host-mode’-feature-and-everyone’s-upset Twitch

Twitch Is Removing Its ‘Host Mode’ Feature And Everyone’s Upset

For some reason, which droves of streamers, viewers, and this journalist cannot figure out, Twitch is permanently removing its host mode feature on October 3. At that point, host mode, its accompanying chat command /host, and the channel settings feature Autohost will be lost to time, leaving streamers with only the raid option and its different functionality if they want to replace their stream with another when they go offline.

lec-2022-caster-line-up-confirmed:-uk/ireland-talent-caedrel,-medic,-vedius,-nymaera,-dagda,-oisin-&-more-to-feature-on-the-broadcast-team ESports News UK

LEC 2022 caster line-up confirmed: UK/Ireland talent Caedrel, Medic, Vedius, Nymaera, Dagda, Oisin & more to feature on the broadcast team

The League of Legends LEC has confirmed the broadcast caster line-up for 2022, and it includes a host of UK talent. British streamer, Esports Analyst of the Year and caster Caedrel has returned on the LEC desk, clearing up uncertainty around Caedrel’s future after he was linked with a coaching role with Team Vitality’s recently announced LEC ‘superteam’. Prominent UK caster duo Medic and Vedius (aka ‘MediVedi’) are also joining the broadcast team once again, while a trio of UK and Ireland talent will also be making appearances this year as regular guests on the show. Continue reading LEC 2022…

rust-is-big-again-on-twitch,-now-with-beautiful-music-about-a-blood-god Twitch

Rust Is Big Again On Twitch, Now With Beautiful Music About A Blood God

Trends come and go on Twitch, but the Blood God is forever. Or at least, that’s the impression I get from a cult dedicated to this imaginary deity is one of the central throughlines between Rust role-playing’s first popularity explosion late last year and its latest, which is happening right now. This time, though, the cult has a living, breathing soundtrack, and it is sensational.

twitch-star’s-‘never-ending’-stream-shows-no-signs-of-stopping,-despite-need-to-eat,-sleep Twitch

Twitch Star’s ‘Never-Ending’ Stream Shows No Signs Of Stopping, Despite Need To Eat, Sleep

Ludwig Ahgren, a Twitch streamer with nearly 2 million followers, has never been one to shy away from stunts. His latest is especially audacious, albeit probably not great for his long-term health: He’s running a “never-ending” marathon stream powered by subscriptions. Each subscription adds another 10 seconds to the total amount of time he’s required to stream. Sunday night, he went to sleep with 18 hours left on the clock. When he woke up on Monday, viewers had kicked in enough subs to boost it up to 27 hours. There’s no end in sight.