Brendon Chung

skin-deep,-aka-die-hard-in-space,-gets-a-new-trailer Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Skin Deep, aka Die Hard in space, gets a new trailer

Skin Deep was announced back in 2018. It’s the next game from Brendon Chung, the developer of Quadrilateral Cowboy and Thirty Flights Of Loving, and it’s a first-person shooter in which you can alert enemies accidentally by sneezing. It’s resurfaced now with a new trailer, and the news that it’s being published by Annapurna. Read more

consuming-babies-for-a-lab-full-of-snakes,-and-other-oddities Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Consuming babies for a lab full of snakes, and other oddities

I am simply a normal human. Wriggling on my belly, dragging my sole brain cell through the dirt in search of food while snakes watch with scientific curiosity. Soon, I will have many thoughts, but I’ve many sandwiches to eat and plenty of goblins to grow before that day comes. So goes Biodome II, the first of six bizarre short experiments released this week by LA indie collective Glitch City in a bundle full of human pinball, fire trains and massively multiplayer online cubes. (more…)