Boyfriend Dungeon

boyfriend-dungeon-broke-my-heart,-and-i’m-glad-it-did Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Boyfriend Dungeon broke my heart, and I’m glad it did

Kitfox’s recently released dating sim Boyfriend Dungeon has a novel premise. In Boyfriend Dungeon you date sword people: humans who transform into weapons that you can take dungeon crawling. And no, not sex dungeons. Classic video game dungeons with loot and monsters. On paper, Boyfriend Dungeon sounds like the best six-ish hours you could have in a game, combining the endorphin rush of monster-slaying with a cast of hotties that’ll make your heart flutter. Sounds like a great time… except one of these hotties slid a sword right through my heart. Read more

content-warnings-are-vital,-but-we-must-accept-some-games-won’t-be-for-everyone VG247

Content warnings are vital, but we must accept some games won’t be for everyone

Just because video games are interactive doesn’t mean every uncomfortable element should be able to be turned off. As always, the video game discourse has been raging on social media, and as is tradition the discussion has alternated between fascianting and downright exhausting – but it has raised interesting questions about the content of games, and how developers present that content to players. For those who wisely spent the last week away from Twitter and comment sections, here’s what happened: Newly-released indie title, Boyfriend Dungeon, has been causing a stir. Part dating sim, part dungeon crawler, it features a range…

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Boyfriend Dungeon review: be still my metal heart

It was always my understanding that describing someone as a “weapon” was a (generally benign) insult: they behave in a manner that makes them a danger to themselves or others. Recently, however, I heard a woman refer to herself as a weapon, meaning “extremely attractive”, a meaning that only makes sense in the world of Boyfriend Dungeon, a dungeon battler-meets-dating sim where your love interests are both extremely attractive and literally weapons. As in swords and that. Read more

at-last,-boyfriend-dungeon-launches-this-year,-on-game-pass-for-pc-too Rock,Paper,Shotgun

At last, Boyfriend Dungeon launches this year, on Game Pass for PC too

Well well well at last we’ve gotten an ETA for these sharp-looking datable blades. Boyfriend Dungeon‘s estimated release date has been officially listed as “when weapons are beautiful enough” for years now, leading me to believe these weapons would never have enough beauty sleep. The time’s come though, or nearly. Kitfox Games have announced today that the dungeon will be open for dates this year in a new trailer. Read more