bloodborne-psx-is-a-smart-demake-of-a-fromsoft-classic Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Bloodborne PSX is a smart demake of a FromSoft classic

February has finally arrived and that means it’s FromSoftware month, baby. Elden Ring is almost here, so you best limber up, do your stretches, have a bath. Do what you need to do to prepare yourself for a colossal undertaking. One thing that might help get you in a Soulsborne headspace is Bloodborne PSX, a free PlayStation 1-esque demake of FromSoft’s gothic action-RPG. Read more

bloodborne-psx-is-on-pc-even-if-its-inspiration-isn’t Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Bloodborne PSX is on PC even if its inspiration isn’t

Sony continue to port their first-party games to PC, with 2018’s God Of War launching earlier this month. Every time they announce the next port in development, the howls of Bloodborne fans can be heard across the internet. When will From Software’s gothic slasher make the move to our superior home computers? I’ve no answer for you, but fan-made demake Bloodborne PSX should tide you over for a little while. It’s Bloodborne as if made for 16-bit consoles, four hours long, and features the original game’s first two bosses. It’s out now. Read more

bloodborne-psx-is-an-impressive-fan-made-ps1-‘demake’-of-bloodborne VG247

Bloodborne PSX is an impressive fan-made PS1 ‘demake’ of Bloodborne

Ever wanted to see what hit hardcore action-RPG Bloodborne would look like as a PlayStation title? Well, you’re in luck.Bloodborne PSX is a project that’s being developed by Lilith Walther, and is effectively a demake of the massively popular From Software title that many gamers fell in love with at launch back in 2015.You can see some snapshots of the Unreal Engine project over on Twitter (thanks, The Gamer). In various tweets on the developer’s @b0tster account, you can see elements of the game in action and read up on the development history of the project so far. For todays…