plants-vs-zombies-creator’s-new-game-is-about-stacking-wombat-poo Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Plants Vs Zombies creator’s new game is about stacking wombat poo

Knowing that wombats’ dump is little stackable cubes was one of the fun facts I learned at school (it was either a rhetorical proof for or against the existence of God; I forget which). This knowledge comes in handy for understanding the game Hardhat Wombat, coming from George Fan (of Plants Vs. Zombies fame), with Andy Hull (of programmer on Spelunky fame). Out later this year, it’s a combination puzzle-platformer and conscruction game in which you play a wombat, wearing a hard hat, who constructs increasingly complex things out of his own feces. That is no way to make a…

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Spelunky 2 now has online multiplayer on PC

Grab your pals prepare to blast off to the Moon, for Spelunky 2 added online multiplayer today. Four players can plunder the Moon’s treasures in online co-op, though the murdersome Arena mode isn’t activated yet. Technically online is in “public beta” right now, so don’t expect perfection, but you can play it! Eventually, you’ll be able to play with folks on PlayStation 4 too. (more…)

Spelunky 2’s first few levels are now friendlier

Do you feel Spelunky 2 seeds have been a bit more generous these past few days? A little less keen to murder you the second you cross the cave’s welcome mat? That’s not luck with the RNG, that’s the blessing of designer Derek Yu. After talking last week about plans to tweak the first few levels, turns out he quietly released a patch doing just that the next day with less fanfare. Surprise! (more…)

Spelunky 2 daily: Well, it could have been worse

The Daily Death is a daily series of videos in which Graham attempts the Spelunky 2 daily challenge. Today’s Daily Death is a return to form, if that “form” is steady mediocrity. What I’m saying is, I reach beyond world one, but not much further. I’m much (but not that much) better than this. (more…)

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Spelunky 2’s online multiplayer will arrive after launch

Spelunky 2 launches on PC next week, but you’ll be tackling its randomised platformer dungeons solo for a few weeks after that. “Our online multiplayer had a bit of a rocky start on PS4,” Mossmouth say, and they’ve decided to hold that element out of the PC release temporarily instead of delaying the launch of the game entirely. Mossmouth and BlitWorks anticipate that online multiplayer will be ready for PC within a few weeks. (more…)

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Spelunky 2 is out on PS4 today, and PC later this month

Hip hip hooray, Spelunky 2 is out today! On PlayStation 4. Not on PC. We won’t get it on PC for another fortnight. But… this does mean you can now read reviews of the dungeon-diving platformer and watch other people play and all that, if you don’t mind first seeing its surprises through someone else’s eyes. Myself, I read the start of one review, enough to sustain my excitement, and will now avert my eyes until the 29th. (more…)

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Spelunky 2 launches for PC on September 29th

There’s good news in the world of cartoon-y death dungeons today. Spelunky 2 has a PC release date and it’s actually just a bit earlier than I’d speculated. The sequel to the well-loved procedural-generated cave escape will launch for PC players before the end of this month. (more…)

spelunky-2-reemerges-with-a-september-15-release-date VG247

Spelunky 2 reemerges with a September 15 release date

By Sherif Saed, Friday, 7 August 2020 10:33 GMT Spelunky 2 finally has a proper release date, but not without one caveat.Though it may be hard to believe, it’s actually been nearly three years since Seplunky 2 was first announced. Developer Derek Yu and co have been especially quiet on the game since, only popping in to announce a 2019 release target, before later delaying it to 2020.All of that is behind us now, because Spelunky 2 has an official, solid release date of September 15 on PS4. The PC version won’t hit the same day, sadly, as the team…