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Black Myth: Wu Kong trailer was fully playable

The trailer for Black Myth: Wu Kong dropped earlier this week and stunned viewers all over the world – remarkably, the gameplay demo showcased actual, playable footage. Developed by Hangzhou-based studio Game Science, Black Myth: Wu Kong is a contemporary retelling of iconic Chinese mythological text Journey to the West. It’s set to be the first AAA game developed entirely by a Chinese studio, and players have been massively impressed by what the team has demonstrated so far.Games industry analyst Daniel Ahmad recently translated an interview with Game Science, during which the team announced that it has been hugely surprised…

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The Red Lantern, Black Myth: Wu Kong and more of our favourite indie games this week

It’s been quite the busy week for indie game news. Between Nintendo’s Indie World debuts, and the show’s various shadow drops, Switch owners have plenty of games to look forward to and play even as the first-party slate dries up.You are, of course, reading our weekly hidden indie gems feature where the aim is to bring you a couple of new indie games on the horizon, and some that can be played this weekend.Hot indie games week of August 17Black Myth: Wu KongSmall Chinese teams continue to impress with production values you’d expect from Western AAA developers. The latest project…