Black Friday 2022

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Best Cyber Monday gaming laptop deals 2022

Unlike with most flavours of PC hardware, the list of good Cyber Monday gaming laptop deals is noticeably smaller than the catalogue of quality, discounted notebooks that Black Friday brought. That’s partly stock running out, and partly retailers just being less willing to extend these sales over the weekend. Killjoys. Still, we’re not out of luck yet, nor out of laptops – as you’ll see below, there’s still a variety of deals to choose from, especially in the UK. Read more

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Grab 24% off this JSAUX 6-in-1 Steam Deck dock this Black Friday

While Valve have now released their own dock for the Steam Deck, the third-party alternatives which beat them to market are still worth considering. Chief among them is Jsaux’s line of Steam Deck compatible docks. If you decide you want something with a lower price than Valve’s official hardware, then you can currently find the JSAUX 6-in-1 Steam Deck dock for just $38/£40 as part of this weekend’s Black Friday deals. Read more