tencent-buying-former-bioware-general-manager’s-new-studio Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Tencent buying former BioWare general manager’s new studio

Three months after the new studio of former BioWare general manager Aaryn Flynn announced their game Nightingale, they’re being bought by Tencent. The media conglomerate are buying the studio, Inflexion Games, off tech company Improbable, who say they’re too busy with the metaverse nowadays. So far, the plan remains the same: launch the multiplayer Victorian fantasy craft-o-survival game into early access later this year. Read more

dragon-age-4-development-going-well,-could-release-in-18-months-–-report VG247

Dragon Age 4 development going well, could release in 18 months – report

So, mid to late 2023 then. Word on the street is development on Dragon Age 4 is going well, and the game is on track to release in about 18 months. That’s according to Venturebeat journalist Jeff Grubb who said as much in the latest episode of GrubbSnax (via Eurogamer). Apparently, Bioware are hitting all milestones, and the game is on schedule (thanks, Idle Sloth), which is great news indeed. Since it was announced as in development, Bioware has released small teases here and there over the past few years in the form of concept art and glimpses at award…

mass-effect-legendary-edition-comes-to-ea-play-today VG247

Mass Effect Legendary Edition comes to EA Play today

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. Hello, Commander Shepard. Get ready to relive the legend of Commander Shepard with the Mass Effect Legendary Edition through EA Play. Bioware’s sci-fi RPG series is now available through the service, remastered, and in lovely 4K UHD. Available to all EA Play members, you can start playing the game through the Play List, and enjoy all it has to offer what with the visual enhancements, technical improvements and gameplay adjustments. If you have never played a Mass Effect game, you…

more-evidence-mass-effect:-legendary-edition-could-be-coming-xbox-game-pass-soon-surfaces VG247

More evidence Mass Effect: Legendary Edition could be coming Xbox Game Pass soon surfaces

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. Following a listing on Polish Microsoft Store, more evidence has appeared that Effect: Legendary Edition could arrive on Xbox Game Pass soon Romance your shipmates, gain the loyalty of your companions and then get to work on those calibrations – we may soon get Mass Effect: Legendary Edition on Xbox Game Pass. We’ve already heard that BioWare and Microsoft may soon deploy the esteemed sci-fi trilogy of space operas on Xbox Game Pass for console and PC after the game…

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If Amazon make a Mass Effect TV show, Liara should be the main character

Amazon Studios are “nearing a deal” to develop a TV series based on Mass Effect, according to a recent Deadline report. Excellent stuff. I’m all for it! If Mass Effect were to be adapted into anything, I’d much rather it be a potentially long-running series rather than a film so it has enough time to establish its excellent sci-fi setting. However, we need to talk about what story Amazon could potentially take from the games. To me, it seems likely they’d follow the trilogy, which I reckon is the right move. But I don’t think we need to see more…

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Mass Effect TV series “nearing a deal” at Amazon

Save 35% on a VG247 yearly subscription this Black Friday! If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. Amazon Studios is nearing a deal to develop a Mass Effect TV series based on BioWare’s iconic RPG series. It looks like Commander Shepard is soon going to have a favourite TV on the Citadel. According to a new report, Amazon Studios is “nearing a deal” to develop a Mass Effect TV series based on BioWare’s iconic role-playing series. In case Amazon’s Lord of the Rings, and Wheel of Time…

mass-effect:-legendary-edition-could-be-coming-to-xbox-game-pass-soon VG247

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition could be coming to Xbox Game Pass soon

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition could arrive on Xbox Game Pass soon if a listing from the Polish Microsoft Store is to be believed. Finish those calibrations, have a quick chat to your crew mates and get ready to set off on what could potentially be a suicide mission all over again, because it looks like Mass Effect: Legendary Edition may be coming to Xbox Game Pass soon. Per Polish gaming site, XGP (via VGC), the esteemed sci-fi trilogy of space operas briefly popped up on the Polish Microsoft Store with a Game Pass badge, suggesting the collection of titles might…

new-mass-effect-teaser-image-hints-at-the-return-of-the-geth VG247

New Mass Effect teaser image hints at the return of the Geth

BioWare has revealed a new teaser for the next Mass Effect game that seems to hint at the return of an alien species from the original trilogy; the Geth. It’s been a quiet N7 day, but at least developer Bioware offered us something on the day that all Mass Effect fans hold dear: another look at something new from the upcoming game. It’s been nearly a year since we first saw a teaser for the next chapter in the Mass Effect universe, which was shown off originally during The Game Awards 2020. Next to nothing is known and about the…

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BioWare tease the return of the geth in the next Mass Effect game

Yesterday was N7 Day, an annual celebration of all things Mass Effect, and this year was a little quieter than the last. In 2020, BioWare revealed they were working on a brand new game in the series, but this year they looked back on the Mass Effect trilogy remasters that came out in May. I thought that was all they had in store until the very end of the day when they tweeted a new teaser poster for the next game, featuring a crater shaped like a giant geth head. Geth! Mass Effect trilogy villains! Get your goggles on, reader,…

austin-powers-spliced-into-mass-effect-makes-a-disturbingly-good-shepard Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Austin Powers spliced into Mass Effect makes a disturbingly good Shepard

The geth have begun launching seemingly random attacks on human colonies. Rumours are circling that ancient machines will soon emerge from darkspace. There is only one man equipped to deal with these threats: Intergalactic Man Of Mystery, Austin Powers. Someone has made a video editing Mike Myers’ 60s spy into Mass Effect and I’m astounded at how well it works. I don’t know what else to say. This is Mass Effect in its ultimate form. Please watch it, it’s the best minute I’ve spent all week. Read more

this-week’s-playstation-event-won’t-include-god-of-war-or-horizon E3

This Week’s PlayStation Event Won’t Include God Of War Or Horizon

During last month’s E3/Summer Game Fest announcement bonanza, Sony was one of the many conspicuously absent companies. However, if you were expecting big, E3-style announcements out of the PlayStation maker’s July showcase, prepare to be disappointed. In a blog post today, Sony Interactive Entertainment senior director of content communications Sid Shuman said that the much-anticipated July 8 “State of Play” event will mostly focus on Deathloop and other third-party games.“In this extended gameplay sequence, we’ll see Cole use his abilities to stealthily skulk across rooftops…or go in guns blazing to create a whole lot of mayhem,” Shuman wrote of Deathloop….

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More Dragon Age 4 concept art shows off stylish assassins the Antivan Crows

Alas, BioWare aren’t attending EA play this month, which means no major look at Dragon Age 4 is in the cards. Instead, they’ve shown off more concept art for another of the series’ familiar organisations. It’s the stealthy and stylish Antivan Crows this time around—the assassin faction that we’ve yet to see all that much of in previous games. It’s a tiny scrap of information, but hey, I think the Crows are cool as heck and I’m pretty psyched that they could be getting some time at center stage. Read more

ex-bioware-gm-casey-hudson-starts-a-new-studio-to-work-on-a-new-ip VG247

Ex-BioWare GM Casey Hudson starts a new studio to work on a new IP

By Sherif Saed 30 June 2021 11:04 GMT Casey Hudson is back in the games industry.Casey Hudson, BioWare’s most recognisable face, and longtime studio GM, left the studio in December last year to try something different. The veteran developer luckily won’t be be leaving games behind, however.Hudson announced his return to the world of game development under a new banner: Humanoid Studios, his new venture, which is going to be working on a new IP. Humanoid is based in Canada, with offices in British Columbia, and Alberta.The team already has a few members, and it’s hiring for a number of…

a-dragon-age-4-alpha-file-has-been-uncovered-on-the-playstation-store VG247

A Dragon Age 4 alpha file has been uncovered on the PlayStation Store

By Dom Peppiatt 23 June 2021 12:36 GMT A Dragon Age 4 alpha file has been discovered on the PlayStation Store thanks to the efforts of a dataminer combing through Sony’s database.Twitter user PlayStation Game Size – an account usually dedicated to cataloging game updates and file sizes – managed to uncover the mysterious file on the PlayStation Store, and its existence points to something happening at the EA Play Live event that’s cracking off in July (thanks, GamesRadar).The tweet, embedded below, suggests that the store may be updated with something in July – whether that’s some sort of vertical slice demo, a trailer or…

mass-effect:-legendary-edition-has-reminded-me-of-the-pain-of-glitched-achievements VG247

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition has reminded me of the pain of glitched achievements

Is there anything worse than a glitched achievement? As I replay the trilogy in Mass Effect Legendary Edition, I’m doing something I haven’t really done in earnest for a long time: achievement hunting. Watch on YouTubeBack in the Xbox 360 era, I was more serious about this whole activity. I would regularly pick up 1000 Gamerscore in games I only liked a little bit – I was an achievement completionist. Sometimes, I’d seek out totally crap games with the sole aim of picking up their achievements. I’m pretty sure I even have that infamous Avatar game that shamefully lets you…