biomutant’s-first-update-to-address-dialogue,-narrator,-difficulty-and-combat VG247

Biomutant’s first update to address dialogue, narrator, difficulty and combat

By Sherif Saed 31 May 2021 15:16 GMT The first big patch for Biomutant is currently in the works.Biomutant developer Experiment 101 has revealed that it’s already working on the game’s first major update. The main goal of this one is to address some of the feedback from players who played the game at launch.Watch on YouTubeIn a series of Tweets, the developer specifically addressed dialogue pacing, the game’s overly verbose narrator, general difficulty, and even options like the ability to turn off depth of field and motion blur. The patch will also bring a tuning pass to enemy damage/health,…

biomutant-jagni-or-myriad-|-who-should-you-ally-with? VG247

Biomutant Jagni or Myriad | Who should you ally with?

You’ve barely taken your first steps in the world of Biomutant before you’re presented with an earth shattering choice: Jagni or Myriad? Despite being so early on in the game, your choice has wide-reaching ramifications for your entire adventure, setting you on the path towards one of Biomutant’s branching endings. Watch on YouTubeShould you ally with the Jagni or Myriad in Biomutant?By this point in the game, Biomutant has introduced its Aura morality system. Through your dialogue choices and actions, your character is either imbued with Light or Dark, depending on the outcome. Essentially, your choice of Jagni or Myriad…

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Here’s when you can play Biomutant in your region today

By Dom Peppiatt 25 May 2021 10:19 GMT Biomutant arrives later today, and if you’re still interested in the game after yesterday’s divisive reviews, we’ve got the information on when you’ll be able to play it.If you’ve got a hankering for an open-world, post-apocalyptic RPG with a martial arts-based combat system and a suite of crating options on top of that, you’re probably going to enjoy Biomutant.Even though the reviews weren’t that encouraging, and our own impressions found it lacklustre, the game still seems to be succeeding in finding a little niche for itself amongst the global gaming community.So, if…

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Biomutant still looks slick as heck in its new action-y gameplay video

The list of lovely looking action-y games I was looking forward to this month took a big hit when Deathloop got delayed, but thank goodness action cat RPG Biomutant is still coming. I’d worry that I’ve jinxed it now, but today’s new gameplay and character creator videos have me feeling pretty confident that Expreiment 101 aren’t going to pull a last-minute emergency delay. Biomutant still looks slick as heck and it’s launching later this month. Read more

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Biomutant release date set for May, collector’s editions announced

By Stephany Nunneley, Tuesday, 26 January 2021 17:23 GMT Biomutant has a release date.Alongside a release date of May 25, two collector’s editions for Biomutant were announced.There’s’ the Atomic Edition which comes with a Diorama, the game, steel book, t-shirt, oversized mousepad, artwork on fabric, and the soundtrack all included in a premium box. It will run you €399.99/$399.99/£349.99.Then there’s the Biomutant Collector’s Edition for €109.99/$109.99/£99.99 for PC and €119.99/$119.99/£109.99 for PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.It comes with the game, a hero figurine, artwork on fabric, and the soundtrack in a premium box.The THQ Nordic-published game was unveiled back at gamescom…