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Hearthstone’s Uther Lightbringer: absolute lad

Every month as part of its Book Of Heroes business, Hearthstone releases a short single-player adventure, telling the life story of one of the big characters off of Warcraft, via card-based boss battles. They’re lovely, and I really like them. The new Book Of Heroes just became available, and features everyone’s favourite mellifluous fantasy bigot, the paladin Uther Lightbringer. Uther is a sort of cross between Obi-Wan Kenobi and Bean Dad, who in Warcraft lore does such a piss-poor job of mentoring young Prince Arthas, that the geezer only goes and becomes the Lich King. Over the eight battles of…

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The Electronic Wireless Show podcast: the Christmas 2020 specialette

The RPS podcast network (comprising this podcast and The PC Gaming Weekspot) didn’t want to leave you bereft over the break, so we’ve got a little Christmas Eve treatette for you, stuffed right down in your filthy stocking. Yes, it’s a mini podcast – by which I mean about 40 minutes, which is actually quite maxi – where we just have a little chat about what games we’ll be playing over Christmas, and some of our Christmas traditions. There is a very heated bit about cooking sprouts that, if I’m honest, takes up most of the run time, because it…

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Podcast episode 119: the fashion in games special

Today we hit the yearly milestone of deciding it was finally cold enough to turn the heating on. You hold out as long as you can, obviously. Not made of money. Perhaps we could have lasted longer if we’d had very fashionable coats made out of the skin of a rare bat monster, such as you can hunt and kill in Monster Hunter: World. Yes, from this thrilling segue you’ll now be aware that this week’s episode of The Electronic Wireless Show is all about fashion in games. We talk about Dark Souls, we talk about Hitman, we talk about…