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Rogue-lite adventure Unexplored 2 has launched in early access

The sequel to rather good rogue-like Unexplored is exiting the development dungeon and heading out into the world of early access today. Action RPG Unexplored 2: The Wayfarer’s Legacy continues with Unexplored’s excellent generated worlds but with a new legacy system and a very, very pretty look. It’s just launched in early access with plans for new quests and other content. I admit that small fellas holding up torches in front of giant doors is one of my favorite game genres so Unexplored 2 is really calling my number here. Read more

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Unto The End review

Unto The End review A unique, demanding 2D sword fighting game that frustrates as much as it impresses. Developer: 2 Ton Studios Publisher: Big Sugar Release: 9th December On: Windows From: Steam, GOG, Xbox Game Pass For PC Price: $25 Unto The End is a 2D sword fighting game about a little beardy man trying to find his way back home after getting lost hunting a deer. You’ll guide him through gloomy, cramped caves, climbing and exploring and gathering scraps of leather, bone, and healing herbs. And you’ll fight. Lord, you’ll fight. It’s very much a game about sword fights,…

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Xbox Game Pass is getting a cool looking indie side-scroller in December

By Dom Peppiatt, Thursday, 26 November 2020 17:01 GMT Unto the End, a dark 2D sidescrolling platformer about a father’s desperate journey to return to his family, is coming to Xbox Game Pass when it launches on December 9.Publisher Big Sugar and developer 2 Ton Studios have announced that Unto The End will hit consoles on PC on December 9, arriving on Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass on day one. The Nintendo Switch version will launch a little later on 17 December.As per the game’s press release, Unto The End combines full-blooded combat with breathless adventuring, and is set within “a hostile, but…