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grab-your-pip-boy-and-dive-into-fallout:-new-vegas-ultimate-edition-–-available-for-free-on-epic-games-store VG247

Grab your Pip-Boy and dive into Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition – available for free on Epic Games Store

Enjoy some post-apocalyptic fun in the Mojave Wasteland. Your weekly freebie has arrived on the Epic Games Store, and it’s Fallout: New Vegas, considered by many as one of the best Fallout games ever made. Developed by Obsidian and published by Bethesda, this is the Ultimate Edition, and it comes with all base game content along with the full suite of add-ons. The add-on DLC consists of Dead Money, Honest Hearts, Old World Blues, and Lonesome Road, and the other add-on packs: Courier’s Stash and Gun Runners Arsenal. With Dead Money, you find yourself lured into a trap masquerading as…

now-you-can-play-doom-over-teletext Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Now you can play Doom over teletext

Add another one to the list of weird and delightful ways to play ye olde Doom: teletext. A new mod converts Doom to a teletext signal, letting you play the seminal shooter rendered in blocky teletext art on a telly. You can even control it with your TV remote. Have a look in the video below! I really, really like the smiley face replacing Doomguy’s gurn. Read more

starfield’s-esrb-rating-reveals-details-of-sex,-drugs,-and-intergalactic-violence VG247

Starfield’s ESRB rating reveals details of sex, drugs, and intergalactic violence

Talk about seeing stars… we’ll experience more than just extra-terrestrial sightseeing in Starfield. Starfield | Bethesda Softworks Starfield has finally received an ESRB rating of ‘M’. While that in and of itself isn’t the most riveting news in the world, the rating did reveal some new details regarding the contents of Bethesda’s upcoming RPG. Starfield’s latest tease embraces its fantasy roots. We are all well aware by now that drugs are going to have a prominent position in Starfield. The fictional ‘Aurora’ drug can be acquired through “stealing or buying it”, and there’s a portion of the game in which…

starfield’s-pillow-talk-will-make-me-swear-a-vow-of-space-celibacy Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Starfield’s pillow talk will make me swear a vow of space-celibacy

I hereby vow for all the world to see that when Starfield launches in September, I will do my damndest to avoid having any sex at all in Bethesda’s spacefaring RPG. The North American ratings board have detailed the types of content which earned the game a Mature 17+ rating, including “suggestive material” in dialogue “after sharing a bed with characters”. Oh no. The listing includes several examples of post-coital pillow talk, and they are about sexy as you would expect from the studio whose dialogue is best known for inadvertently spawning memes about mudcrabs and knee injuries. Read more

microsoft-put-a-time-and-date-on-their-2023-not-e3-xbox-games-showcase Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Microsoft put a time and date on their 2023 not-E3 Xbox Games Showcase

Microsoft had already announced their annual not-E3 Xbox Games Showcase, but now we know when exactly to tune in: June 11th at 10am PT/6pm BST/7pm CEST. Microsoft are promising “new surprises and first-looks” from both Xbox-owned studios and third-party teams, but I’m sure most people will be tuning in for the (also previously announced) Starfield Direct, which is airing immediately after the Xbox show. Read more

so-far,-redfall’s-campaign-feels-like-a-hollow,-open-world-fps-that’s-only-partially-congealed Rock,Paper,Shotgun

So far, Redfall’s campaign feels like a hollow, open world FPS that’s only partially congealed

So far, I wouldn’t say Redfall is a “mess”. A mess, to me, implies an excess of things that become a horrible, overwhelming tangle. Having played the vampiric FPS for a clutch of hours now, I’d say it feels more like an “absence”. Arkane’s latest strikes me as an open world shooter with a few simple strands that never seem to go anywhere. Occasionally, there are flashes of a team that – as we all know – are capable of brilliance, but Redfall has me following a path of irritation, and feeling a slight sadness for what might’ve been. Read…

what’s-the-best-game-set-on-a-horrible-island?-the-best-games-ever-show-episode-48 VG247

What’s the best game set on a horrible island? The Best Games Ever Show Episode 48

The clever subtext here is that the definitive horrible island is Great Britain, hope that helps. As most of us are residents of a horrible island, we at VG247 have raised a suspicious eyebrow at Dead Island 2 for being not set on an island or, frankly, horrible enough for our liking. Which has led us to ask the question: what is the best game set on a horrible island? There are so many to choose from, as islands are a popular setting in video games: their size is naturally limited, so it’s much easier to proportion them realistically without…

how-arkane’s-multiversal-parisian-pipedream-eventually-gave-us-deathloop Rock,Paper,Shotgun

How Arkane’s multiversal Parisian pipedream eventually gave us Deathloop

There’s an alternate world where Arkane made The Crossing, and it’s not necessarily a better one. Before Dishonored, the developer was looking down the wrong end of a bad publishing deal which, in the estimation of founder Raphaël Colantonio, would have ended in either The Crossing’s cancellation or a deeply underwhelming end product. In that timeline, there’s no telling whether the studio would even exist today. Nevertheless, for fans of Arkane’s sophisticated and immersive first-person adventures, this lost project remains tantalisingly forbidden fruit: a foolhardy mashup of single and multiplayer in which teams of invading players would attack the protagonist…

ghostwire:-tokyo-has-added-new-stuff,-and-i-have-a-tourism-tip-for-new-players Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Ghostwire: Tokyo has added new stuff, and I have a tourism tip for new players

If you’re starting playing Ghostwire: Tokyo after it came to Game Pass this week, I have a hot tip for you: prioritise upgrading movement abilities. The freedom to glide from rooftop to rooftop over haunted Tokyo will bring you so much more joy than any incremental damage upgrade. That’s the most important thing I have to say, that it makes for good virtuatourism. Oh, and I suppose a free content arrived this week too, adding new side-missions, handy new combat abilities, and a new “rogue-lite” mode. The update, uh, apparently also added Denuvo, over a year after the game launched?…

ghostwire:-tokyo-is-now-available-on-xbox,-alongside-new-spider’s-thread-update VG247

Ghostwire: Tokyo is now available on Xbox, alongside new Spider’s Thread update

New areas to explore, side missions to complete, and more. Ghostwire: Tokyo is now available to purchase for Xbox Series X/S, and if you’re an Xbox Game Pass subscriber, you can give Tango Gameworks ghoulish title a try for free. In addition, the game is also playable via PlayStation Plus, and an all-new Spider’s Thread update is now available for the game. Catch a small teaser for Ghostwire: Tokyo’s Spider’s Thread update here. The Spider’s Thread update for Ghostwire: Tokyo adds a brand-new rogue-lite mode to the game, on top of some additions to the game’s base campaign. During the…

join-us-for-our-first-rps-game-club-liveblog-this-thursday Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Join us for our first RPS Game Club liveblog this Thursday

Come one, come all to our very first RPS Game Club liveblog session about this month’s chosen pick, Hi-Fi Rush. We’ll be piling into a liveblog on Thursday March 30th at 4pm BST (that’s 9am PDT / 11am EDT), so please do come and join us to talk about what you loved most about Tango Gameworks’ infectious rhythm action brawler. Read more

concept-trailer-for-doom-4-shows-us-what-could-have-been VG247

Concept trailer for Doom 4 shows us what could have been

The game eventually went on to become the Doom (2016) we all know and love. While Doom 4 never technically released, a new concept trailer that shows us what it might have looked like in motion. Doom 4 eventually went on to become Doom (2016), but in its early days it had quite a different look about it (though don’t get me wrong, still plenty of ripping and tearing). But recently, a video from the Artstation page of Danny Keys, a video editor and media artist at id Software, showed off the game, though the page has since been taken…

redfall-trailer-shows-a-sunny-island-town-plunged-into-darkness-and-overrun-with-vampires VG247

Redfall trailer shows a sunny island town plunged into darkness and overrun with vampires

One thing about living in Redfall I never could stomach: all the damn vampires. Bethesda has released a new trailer for Redfall, the vampire game from Arkane Austin. The video shows the once pleasant island town of Redfall overrun with vampires who have eclipsed the sun, plunging it into darkness. The vampires have also pushed back the sea from the land and made getting off the island impossible. Those who have survived the bloodbath, are doing their best to fight back against the vampire threat. You included. Redfall features an open-world where you will do your best to protect the…

steam-deck-proves,-once-again,-that-skyrim-will-never-die VG247

Steam Deck proves, once again, that Skyrim will never die

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has seen yet another victory in 2023, as it tops the Steam Deck ‘most played’ charts – will anyone ever get bored of this game? It’s been 12 years, now, since Bethesda launched its all-timer of an RPG. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has a seemingly endless appeal, and as of 2016, the publisher announced that the game had racked up an impressive 30 million sales. One thing about Skyrim: it should never, ever, be a TV show. You’d think that would mean that pretty much everyone has played it, and already owns it. But the…