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this-mod-puts-half-life:-alyx’s-gravity-gloves-into-skyrim-vr Rock,Paper,Shotgun

This mod puts Half-Life: Alyx’s gravity gloves into Skyrim VR

Half-Life: Alyx ‘s gravity gloves ruined a lot of other virtual reality games for me, because being able to point and flip objects into my hands solved a lot of awkward manoeuvring problems common in other games. It’s hard, after the elegance of Half-Life’s system, to go back to bending, sidestepping, and grasping at the air to pick up items – or worse, having your hands lack any and all collision with the world around you. Enter the modders. Specifically, enter modder FlyingParticle, who has released HIGGS VR for Skyrim VR. It’s a mod that adds gravity glove-style interaction to…

skyrim-modders-are-getting-creative-with-this-ai-text-to-speech-tool Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Skyrim modders are getting creative with this AI text to speech tool

The magic of AI-powered text to speech continues as Skyrim modders get their hands on an application that generates speech from text based on voice samples from Bethesda games. It’s already inspired a trailer with AI-only voice acting and a new mod that gives Skyrim characters lines to compliment your dragonborn’s naked figure. Oh, the things modders will do. (more…)

bethesda-might-be-teasing-the-elder-scrolls-6’s-location,-maybe Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Bethesda might be teasing the Elder Scrolls 6’s location, maybe

Wake up and slap on your lore caps, Elder Scrolls fans. The Elder Scrolls VI may be quite a ways off yet, but that sure hasn’t ever stopped anyone from trying to divine details about where and when it might be set. The game’s afoot once again thanks to a map that Bethesda have posted with a message that seems like it could definitely possibly maybe be a hint that ES6 will head to Hammerfell. Maybe. (more…)

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Have you played… The Evil Within 2?

Have You Played? is an endless stream of game retrospectives. One a day, every day, perhaps for all time. There’s a bit in The Evil Within 2 where you walk into a large residential area with lots of houses, garages and shops to explore. Up until this point the game (and the series) has been entirely linear, so having the ability to roam is immediately daunting. You pick a building, head inside and hope for the best. What you’ll find ranges from fairly normal zombie-killing fare to genuinely horrible miniature horror stories involving force-feeding mothers and shouty poltergeists. (more…)

fallout-76-grants-player-request-to-add-wheelchairs-to-the-wasteland Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Fallout 76 grants player request to add wheelchairs to the wasteland

The Brotherhood Of Steel brought a lot of metal with them when they arrived in Fallout 76. Power Armour, weapons, you name it. But in a more quietly pleasant addition to the wasteland, it looks like Bethesda also added wheelchairs with last week’s update, following one fan’s request to see their own real-life mobility aid represented in the post-apocalyptic sandbox. (more…)

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The Brotherhood Of Steel are coming to Fallout 76 a week early

You’d think it’d be hard to get anywhere early, weighed down by all that power armour. And yet, despite all odds, the Brotherhood Of Steel has marched into Fallout 76 a little earlier than planned. After accidentally gifting Xbox players the gift of technophilic paladins, Bethesda have chosen to just give the update to everyone rather than roll back the update and have folks wait another week. Nice! (more…)

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Microsoft wants Bethesda games to be “either first or better or best” on their platforms

Speculation about upcoming Bethesda games will always be rampant, but the news that Microsoft is acquiring Bethesda has certainly dumped extra fuel on the fire. Many folks, myself included, are curious how Microsoft will manage the future of Bethesda’s big-name series. Xbox chief financial officer Tim Stuart says that they definitely want Bethesda games to be “either first, better, or best” on their platforms. (more…)

fallout-76’s-brotherhood-of-steel-update-launches-on-december-1st Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Fallout 76’s Brotherhood Of Steel update launches on December 1st

Fallout 76 is wrapping up the year with another free update of new features and quests. This time, the new storyline is focused on Fallout’s iconic metalheads the Brotherhood Of Steel. Bethesda have now announced that the Brotherhood are showing up quite punctually on December 1st and have rolled out a new video to introduce you to a few of them. (more…)

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Aspiring overseers, Fallout 76 is adding instanced base building

Begone the travails of fighting against terrain to build your shoddy Fallout 76 camp with wood you’ve scraped off fallen trees. Life is oh so much better below. Fallout 76 is adding underground vault instances for your base where you can build without the restrictions out in the fresh air. You can test out the Vault Shelters this weekend on the public test server before they’re added to the game later this year. (more…)

the-fallout-miami-mod-is-looking-hot-in-its-environments-trailer Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The Fallout Miami mod is looking hot in its environments trailer

These ghouls certainly don’t need any more sun, but perhaps your Vault 111 escapee could use a bit of heat to even out those dweller tan lines. Biggo modding project Fallout Miami recently put out a new trailer for their “DLC-sized” addition to Fallout 4 showing some of the toasty new locales you’ll be able to explore when it launches. (more…)