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The Artful Escape review: musical odyssey is a one hit wonder

They call me the Slippery Matthew Castle. Or at least they do aboard the Cosmic Lung, an intergalactic concert hall overseen by a brainstem in a cloak voiced by Jason Schwartzman. Impressively, this is one of the more rote happenings in The Artful Escape, a quest that also takes in astral highways, rock-powered butterflies and – steel yourself – a passive aggressive skiffle group. Its creator, the fabulously named Johnny Galvatron, describes it as what would happen if David Bowie had gone on a literal space trip to become Ziggy Stardust, and that seems about right. Read more

the-artful-escape-is-“like-if-david-bowie-went-on-a-space-journey-and-came-back-as-ziggy-stardust” Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The Artful Escape is “like if David Bowie went on a space journey and came back as Ziggy Stardust”

The Artful Escape has been a long time coming for Beethoven & Dinosaur founder and designer Johnny Galvatron. While his side-scrolling platformer – about a teenage musician going on a fantastical journey to find and create his own stage persona – made its initial debut back in 2017, Galvatron tells me this game has really been 38 years in the making. He’s a professional musician himself, having been the lead singer of electronic rock band The Galvatrons in the mid noughties, but he’s also been raised on a diet of video games since the days of the Sega Master System….

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Annapurna delay 12 Minutes, Last Stop and The Artful Escape into 2021

With only a month and a bit to go ’til we ring in the new year, Annapurna Interactive this week announced that their remaining slate of 2020 releases will no longer launch this year. 12 Minutes, The Artful Escape and Last Stop have instead been pushed back to next year – and while the publishers haven’t given specifics over the trio of delays, they reckon the final stages of polishing all three can’t be wrapped before the turning of the calendar. (more…)