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Activision Blizzard shareholders approve the company’s $69 billion acquisition by Microsoft

Shareholders in Activision Blizzard approved overwhelmingly to accept Microsoft Corporation’s offer of $68.7 billion (£54.66 billion) to acquire the company at yesterday’s Special Meeting of Stockholders. More than 98% of the shares voted in favour of the buyout offer, Activision Blizzard confirmed in a statement released on their website. The largest payment for a technology company in recorded history, toppling Dell’s acquisition of EMC Data Storage from 2016, it’s now expected the deal will conclude during Microsoft’s fiscal year, which ends on June 30th 2023. Read more

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Microsoft are buying Activision Blizzard for $69 billion

In the wake of scandal and lawsuits alleging a culture of discrimination and harrassment at Activision Blizzard, Microsoft today announced they’re buying the company. Wait, hang on. What. That’s not what I expected when Xbox head Phil Spencer told staff he was “evaluating all aspects of [Xbox’s] relationship” with Activision Blizzard. Microsoft plan to pay $68.7 billion (£50 billion) for the company, which will nab them games including Warcraft, Call Of Duty, and Overwatch. Jesus. Read more

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Call Of Duty: Vanguard (multiplayer and Zombies) review: unambitious filler

There’s something about Call Of Duty: Vanguard and its multiplayer modes that feels thin. Much like my time with the game’s campaign, I’m left wanting. This is a World War II veneer glossed over a Modern Warfare canvas, with familiar pacing and shooting, but ultimately lacking the weight of Infinity Ward’s reboot. As a Call Of Duty multiplayer experience, Vanguard delivers. But what it delivers is a stop-gap. An FPS experience that isn’t concerned with pushing the series forwards, or taking risks. Fans will have fun, sure, but its deathmatches and dominations are stuck in the past. Not to mention…

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Call Of Duty: Vanguard is out now, returning to WW2

Fittingly for Fireworks Night, Call Of Duty: Vanguard launched in the wee hours, bringing a great many big explosions as the first-person shooter series returns to World War 2 once again. Along with yer usual story campaign and multiplayer modes, it has Treyarch’s Zombies too. Though I do suspect the part of Vanguard many want isn’t out yet, and they won’t even pay for: the new Pacific island map coming to CoD: Warzone at a later point. Read more

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Crash Bandicoot 4’s launch was dogged by server issues

While Crash Bandicoot 4 is mostly singleplayer with some local multiplayer, the game does require on online connection on PC. That’s always bad, and especially when server issues stop people from playing a game on its launch day. Crash 4 arrived on on Friday, then Blizzard’s authentication servers burst soon after, rendering the game unplayable for many until the issue was fixed. Cool. Read more

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Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War reveals new multiplayer modes and open beta dates

Now that we’ve been introduced to the Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War campaign, Activision have also unveiled what to expect from the multiplayer side of the game. There are new maps and modes, updated slides and jumps, and changes to loadout customisation. Along with all the new bits, Activision announced when you’ll get to take it for a spin. Open beta for PC players begins on Saturday, October 17th. (more…)