black-horror-game-youtuber-has-everyone-debating-platform-racism,-favoritism Twitch

Black Horror Game YouTuber Has Everyone Debating Platform Racism, Favoritism

YouTube’s Trending page is typically full of easy-going content like music videos, comedy sketches, and game trailers, along with popular creators like Mr. Beast and SSSniperWolf. However, on August 24, the number-one trending video was a callout against the platform itself, with accusations of racism or favoritism levied at Google’s video-sharing service. The commotion was all over the platform’s treatment of a gameplay video. The explosive claims have led other top creators, from moistcr1tikal to Philip DeFranco, to debate just how unevenly YouTube’s content moderation team enforces its policies.

a-twitch-streamer-unearthed-cards-from-a-fake-’90s-pokemon-ripoff,-and-fans-are-pretending-the-series-was-real-all-along Twitch

A Twitch Streamer Unearthed Cards From A Fake ’90s Pokémon Ripoff, And Fans Are Pretending The Series Was Real All Along

There’s elaborate performance art, and then there’s what renowned Twitch jester Jerma did over the weekend. In a truly inspired stream, he parodied the recent Pokémon booster pack craze by going out into the Nevada desert and pretending to excavate a chest seemingly full of unopened Pokémon cards from 1997. They turned out to be something different: Grotto Beasts. Spoiler: Grotto Beasts is not and never has been a real series, but that hasn’t stopped Jerma’s community from taking the joke and running with it to the furthest ends of the internet.