restore-a-ravaged-world-in-reverse-city-builder-terra-nil Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Restore a ravaged world in reverse city-builder Terra Nil

The folks behind Broforce have a new game on the horizon that is not at all about running, gunning, or blowing stuff up. Quite the opposite, Terra Nil is what they’re calling a “reverse city-builder” about rehabilitating an environment that’s been completely decimated. You’ll turn it green again with the power of irrigation and renewable energy sources to fix the climate and the wildlife. It looks quite lovely and chill in this new trailer and even has a free demo coming up this month if you’d like to try out your planetary green thumb. Read more

slice-of-life-sim-the-garden-path-looks-like-a-lovely-place-to-stay-a-while Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Slice-of-life sim The Garden Path looks like a lovely place to stay a while

Gather round, farmlife-sim likers. Another swell-looking indie game is planning a move to the village. The Garden Path is a laid-back slice-of-life sim with shades of Animal Crossing in its little painted world. You can spot it’s lovely art style and sweet cute villagers down here in its new announcement trailer. We’ll be able to dig in later this year when it launches. Read more

monster-hunter-stories-2-is-going-to-let-me-do-gene-science-on-giant-bears Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Monster Hunter Stories 2 is going to let me do gene science on giant bears

What is better than battles between giant bears? Obviously it’s battles between giant bears that I have bred specifically to shoot giant plasma beams out of their giant mouths. Also the bear is my bestie because this is Monster Hunter series spinoff Monster Hunter Stories 2 where mega deadly creatures are also my best pals. Ahead of its launch in July, MonStories 2 has shown off some of its monstie gene splicing and (obviously) I am psyched for bears. Read more

total-war:-warhammer-3’s-new-trailer-shows-off-kislev’s-big,-awesome-bears Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Total War: Warhammer 3’s new trailer shows off Kislev’s big, awesome bears

Kislev and Khorne are going head to head in the newest Total War: Warhammer 3 trailer that just landed today. The next part of Creative Assembly’s series is giving some serious love to the snowy folks of fantasy Russia with cavalry bears, magical bears, and other pretty cool looking icy units. You can spot the lot in the new cinematic trailer right here ahead of the gameplay reveal that’s still scheduled for tomorrow. Read more

magical-cat-cafe-simulation-calico-is-out-now Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Magical cat cafe simulation Calico is out now

Cat cafe simulation Calico has come out of the oven right on time. I was starting to fear that it would roll over into the new year without hitting its expected 2020 release window. Never fear though, Calico has scooted out here in the last weeks of the year, so you can jump in to decorate cakes, collect animal friends, and assemble your cafe right now. (moreā€¦)