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5 games with wonderful witches

I am, generally speaking, a horror fan, but this year for Halloween I’ve niched down on a particular topic and it has sort of accidentally taken me away from horror. Hm. Too late now! Plus, witches are totally Halloween fodder – and they’re one of my key trends for games at the moment. Video games are lousy with both current and upcoming witches these days. It makes sense. They’ve already got brilliant marketing. Few Halloween-y sights are more iconic than a pointy hat, a black cat, and a sihouetted figure flying in front of the moon on a broomstick. The…

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Original Bayonetta VA calls for boycott of third game over “insulting” pay offer

Hellena Taylor posted a series of videos this weekend where she alleges she was offered only $4000 for the role. Hellena Taylor, the original voice actor of PlatinumGames’ Bayonetta, has called for a boycott of the game after alleging she received an “insulting” pay offer for the role. It’s been known for a little while that for whatever reason, Taylor would not be reprising her role as the now pretty iconic witch, as she essentially said as such last year. Earlier this month it was confirmed that prolific voice actor Jennifer Hale would be taking over the role, with the…

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Bayonetta 3 features a mode that makes her less sexy

Bayonetta 3 will feature a mode making it to where our favorite witch is less scantily clad. This feature, which PlatinumGames calls ‘Naive Angel Mode’, will show less skin when Bayonetta fuses with a demon. For you see, when this happens, she basically turns into Lady Godiva – completely nude with only her hair covering private areas. With Naive Angel Mode in place, she will instead appear fully clothed, and when merging with Infernal Demon Madama Butterfly, instead of wearing a rather revealing outfit, she will instead sport something more conservative. Relax, the witch is back and sexier than ever🌙We’ve…

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Forget about Scalebound and Bayonetta 3, Platinum should be working on a Vanquish sequel

Why this criminally underrated shooter should share the spotlight with Platinum’s finest After rocket-sliding toward an enemy, you kickflip off them to chain multiple mid-air headshots. Then, you toss a grenade at a sniper nest, vaulting over cover to detonate the explosive with a well-timed bullet. An answering rocket barrage sends you sliding along the ground as missiles fly overhead, swapping out to a sniper rifle to pull off a trickshot in transit. All of which takes place in slow-motion, of course. It’s been almost 12 years, and you’d still be hard-pushed to find a third-person shooter that looks as…

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10 Years Later, We Can’t Stop Watching Nintendo Directs

Way back in 2011, the very first “Nintendo Direct” featured then-Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aimé in a white, echo-y room promoting the struggling 3DS by talking about how it was getting Hulu Plus and could record 3D videos. “Up to 10 minutes of 3D video can be recorded of anything you want,” he said. “Birthdays, holiday family gatherings, or your brother drooling in his sleep.” But 10 years later, Nintendo’s product marketing experiment has gone from awkward infomercial to appointment viewing for everyone who plays games, and even some who don’t.

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It’s been 1,169 days since Bayonetta 3 was announced for Nintendo Switch

Three years, two months, and 11 days of nothing.December 7, 2017. That’s the date we got official word from Nintnedo and Platinum games about Bayonetta 3. As we bathe in the warm glow of disappointment following the first Nintendo Direct in more than a year, we are still waiting for even a screenshot of Bayonetta 3. It’s been a long time since the game was announced, and a lot has happened in the days since.We’ve seen the release of five Call of Duty games: Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Call of Duty: Mobile, Call…

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PlatinumGames hopes to share Bayonetta 3 update at some point in 2021

By Dom Peppiatt, Sunday, 17 January 2021 10:24 GMT Bayonetta 3 has been in development for a while now, but we’ve heard very little about the game since it was announced back in 2017.But fans eager for an update on the Switch-exclusive title could be in for some good news later this year, though.In an interview on Hamster’s Arcade Archives streams, Platinum’s infamously frosty lead developer, Hideki Kamiya, was asked about how progress is going on the highly-anticipated action game.“We’ve been working on new stuff like Bayonetta 3, not that I can say too much… but I hope we can…