batman: arkham

gotham-knights-answers-the-question-“would-batman-games-be-as-good-without-batman?”-with:-“no” VG247

Gotham Knights answers the question “Would Batman games be as good without Batman?” with: “No”

A circus of Robins can’t fill the Bat-boots. ^Stay tuned after the ads for our big review chat, featuring loads of lovely footage from every version of the game. Aside from its performance issues, which are annoying but potentially fixable and hardly a dealbreaker, Gotham Knights’ biggest sin is that it just doesn’t do anything particularly exciting. And for a game which boldly kills the Batman in the first two minutes, that’s pretty astonishing. It’s not all bad: there are some nice ideas dotted around. Occupying The Belfry between missions gives the game a nice overall pace, allowing you to…