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armored-core-6-gameplay-trailer-showcases-intense-mecha-action,-summer-release-date-set VG247

Armored Core 6 gameplay trailer showcases intense mecha-action, summer release date set

Augmented human C4-621 has awakened. FromSoftware has not only released a trailer for Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon, but it also dropped a date. The mech-action title will be released this summer on August 25 for PC, PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon makes planetfall August 25. In the game, a mysterious new substance called Coral was discovered on the remote planet Rubicon 3. As an energy source, this substance was expected to dramatically advance humanity’s technological and communications capabilities. Instead, it caused a catastrophe that engulfed the planet and…

elden-ring’s-ray-tracing-update-is-out-–-here’s-how-it-looks-and-runs-on-pc Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Elden Ring’s ray tracing update is out – here’s how it looks and runs on PC

Surprise! The long-promised patch that brings ray tracing to Elden Ring is here, over a year after release. There’s much more in the version 1.09 update besides – the patch notes list plenty of balance changes and bug fixes – but given the sheer amount of time the new ray tracing features have been in the works, not to mention the fact that Elden Ring has never exactly been an exemplar of technical reliability, I wanted to focus in on ’em and see what performance is like on PC. Read more

let-me-solo-her-takes-on-their-greatest-challenge-yet-by-turning-every-elden-ring-enemy-into-malenia VG247

Let Me Solo Her takes on their greatest challenge yet by turning every Elden Ring enemy into Malenia

I am Malenia, blade of Miquella times a thousand. The iconic Let Me Solo Her is back, this time with a new challenge: one that makes every enemy in Elden Ring Malenia. Anyone that’s managed to get to Malenia has probably heard the line, “I am Malenia, Blade of Miquella,” way more times than they can count on several hands. She’s a damn tough boss, and unless you’re the legendary Let Me Solo Her, you’re not gonna beat her without breaking a sweat. Let Me Solo Her decided that they were done with helping out the general public a little…

elden-ring’s-open-world-made-it-more-accessible-to-new-players,-so-how-does-wo-long-do-the-same-without-one? VG247

Elden Ring’s open world made it more accessible to new players, so how does Wo Long do the same without one?

One very clever design decision in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty may not get the love it deserves, but its effects are transformative in making the game more accessible to new players. Anyone who played, or is even aware of, Elden Ring will tell you that its open world played a major role in making it more approachable for new players. The linear design of FromSoftware’s previous games meant that your progress was always predetermined by the designers. No matter how long you’d put off a tough boss fight or a trap-laden area, you knew that you needed to be back…

dragon-ball-z’s-best-game-series-is-making-a-comeback VG247

Dragon Ball Z’s best game series is making a comeback

This will be the first new game in the series in more than a decade. If you think there aren’t enough Dragon Ball games in the world, good news, as Bandai Namco just revealed a new Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi game. It’s been years since we’ve last had an entry in this particular line of Dragon Ball games, but yesterday, Bandai Namco teased that a new Budokai Tenkaichi game is in the works. If you have taste, you obviously know these are some of the best games based on the classic manga around, but there hasn’t been a new…

elden-ring-dlc,-shadow-of-the-erdtree,-finally-announced VG247

Elden Ring DLC, Shadow of the Erdtree, finally announced

It’s almost time to return to The Lands Between. FromSoftware has announced its Elden Ring DLC, named ‘Shadow of the Erdtree.’ Announced via the Elden Ring Twitter just this morning, FromSoftware exclaims, “Rise, Tarnished, and let us walk a new path together. An upcoming expansion for Elden Ring, Shadow of the Erdtree, is currently in development.” Elden Ring was one of our games of the year for 2022. Find out why here! The FromSoftware account also shared the news, adding that, “The follow-up report is still a little ahead, but I would appreciate it if you could look forward to…

elden-ring-is-still-the-best-game-for-spell-slinging-(especially-with-the-latest-dlc) VG247

Elden Ring is still the best game for spell-slinging (especially with the latest DLC)

Forget your wands, dismount your mythical creatures, and step into the only magical crucible that matters: a Tarnished fight to the death. Getting magic right in games is hard. You want spells and the art of the arcane to feel satisfying and visceral, but at the same time you want it to evoke all the feelings of lofty knowledge and insight – a feeling both unknowable and unhuman. You want to feel, via your pad of choice, the tingling of magic in your fingertips, the surging of mana in your veins. Simply holding down a trigger button and whispering out…

bandai-namco-is-hosting-a-live-show-to-celebrate-elden-ring’s-first-anniversary VG247

Bandai Namco is hosting a live show to celebrate Elden Ring’s first anniversary

Expect giveaways, cosplay, PVP, and more. Bandai Namco has announced a livestream all about celebrating the one year anniversary of Elden Ring. Damn, can you believe that it’s already coming up to a year since Elden Ring came out? No, I don’t want to think about it either, the existential dread that comes from thinking about the passage of time is too much. Bandai Namco doesn’t care about that though, as earlier this week it announced it would be hosting a livestream dedicated to the game’s first anniversary, packed with all sorts of activities. “Welcome to our Elden Ring one…

elden-ring-reforged-mod’s-latest-update-might-just-be-what-you-need-to-play-the-masterpiece-again VG247

Elden Ring Reforged mod’s latest update might just be what you need to play the masterpiece again

We’re coming up on the first anniversary of Elden Ring, so you may understandably have the itch to go back to The Lands Between. Elden Ring is almost one year old. It overtook the zeitgeist when it came out, and the depth of content found within its open world kept most of us entertained until the end of 2022. Anyone interested in playing it probably already has, but those of us who have seen practically everything it has to offer are still on the hunt for a major addition to bring us back. Well, what we’re looking for may have…

almost-a-year-after-elden-ring-changed-everything,-there’s-never-been-a-better-time-to-return-to-dark-souls VG247

Almost a year after Elden Ring changed everything, there’s never been a better time to return to Dark Souls

If you’re considering a replay of Dark Souls, there’s no better time to praise the sun than right now – in a cold, forgettable week in January Everything dies. That’s one of the unavoidable truths of the universe: everything that is given life must also give over to death. It’s true of us frail, transient humans, and it’s true of the very best video games ever made, too. Everything dies, no matter how important it once was. And 11 years is a long time in this industry. It’s a yawning gulf, an epoch. It feels like so much longer ago…

best-of-2022:-elden-ring,-and-alex’s-other-goty-picks VG247

Best of 2022: Elden Ring, and Alex’s other GOTY picks

Sometimes picking out a best game each year is a painful, difficult choice. Sometimes it’s easy. This year, it’s… sort of both? Let me explain. There is no denying that Elden Ring is the best game of 2022. That’s my pick, by the way. I actually think anybody who picks anything else needs to give their head a wobble (though I respect their opinion, of course, and suggest aspirin for the bumped head). Alex on why Elden Ring is a particularly special Game of the Year pick. But then, at the same time… gosh, there’s some games I really admire…

best-of-2022:-elden-ring,-and-james’-other-goty-picks VG247

Best of 2022: Elden Ring, and James’ other GOTY picks

My picks are vanilla ice cream, but it’s the posh stuff that has the little black bits of pod in. Haagen Dazs at the very least. If my year in gaming was one of those Spotify Wrapped things that people like to crow about like music taste isn’t the most subjective thing in the world, my top artist would be Ed Sheeran with Taylor Swift in second, and I’d be in the 50th percentile of listeners. But even if my picks are vanilla ice cream, it’s the posh stuff that has the little black bits of pod in; Haagen Dazs…

best-of-2022:-elden-ring,-and-sherif’s-other-goty-picks VG247

Best of 2022: Elden Ring, and Sherif’s other GOTY picks

In which I explain why 2022’s most obvious pick also happens to be the best game I played all year. It’s that time of year again, when we all tell you which of the games that came out over the past 12 months we like the best. It’s my turn, and I hope you weren’t expecting some out-of-left-field pick; an artsy indie game you never heard of that I’ll try to convince you is 2022’s game of the year. That’s not me, unfortunately. Someone more cultured will probably have more interesting picks, but I am a man of simple pleasures….

fromsoftware-aren’t-aiming-for-“soulsborne-type-gameplay”-in-armored-core-vi Rock,Paper,Shotgun

FromSoftware aren’t aiming for “Soulsborne type gameplay” in Armored Core VI

You might have missed it in the Games Awards news-glut, but FromSoftware announced a new game last week. Armored Core VI: Fires Of Rubicon marks the return of the mechs they used to make before Demon’s Souls set them on a different, swordier path, and IGN have just published a big interview that pokes into what bearing the Soulsbourne lineage might have on a game about flying mechs with guns and missiles. Armored Core director (and Sekiro lead designer) Masaru Yamamura welcomed Sekiro comparisons, while FromSoftware president Hidetaka Miyazaki was keen to stress they’re treating it as an Armored Core…

elden-ring’s-director-teases-“several-more-things”-the-team-wants-to-do-for-the-game VG247

Elden Ring’s director teases “several more things” the team wants to do for the game

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. Also, the dude who crashed the stage during Miyazaki’s acceptance speech was arrested. It seems additional content may be coming to Elden Ring, if comments made during Hidetaka Miyazaki’s acceptance speech at The Game Awards 2022 are any indication. During his speech, Miyazaki said the team has “several more things” it wants to do for the Game of the Year winner, as winning the award has provided a sense of encouragement Eden Ring wins GOTY at The Game Awards 2022…