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“ridiculously-well-made”-–-harada-comments-on-tekken-7-elden-ring-mod VG247

“Ridiculously well-made” – Harada comments on Tekken 7 Elden Ring mod

He also wants people to know it’s not official, so people stop contacting him about it. In case you haven’t had enough Elden Ring just yet, we’ve got some good news for you – there’s now a mod that brings the sprawling, intimidating action-RPG to the relatively confined arenas of Tekken 7. In a tweet shared by “game director/chief producer” of the fighting game series himself, Katsuhiro Harada, we see the world of The Lands Between invade the King Of Iron Fist Tournament 7 with a ludicrous mod that even brings Torrent into the melee. Sharing the mod – which…

watch-this-elden-ring-modder-summon-previous-soulsborne-heroes-to-help-defeat-the-final-boss VG247

Watch this Elden Ring modder summon previous Soulsborne heroes to help defeat the final boss

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. Get by with a little help from your friends. A little help goes a long way when you’re trying to defeat a badass boss in Elden Ring, and this mod brings plenty of help to the battlefield. Garden of Eyes, a well-known modder in the Soulsborne community, has released a video where he ported all of the previous Soulsborne games main cover armors, and made custom NPC summons that helped him defeat the final boss of the game. Every Soulsborne…

elden-ring’s-turtles-are-so-much-more-than-grade-a-meme-fodder VG247

Elden Ring’s turtles are so much more than grade-A meme fodder

In the grim world of The Lands Between, turtles are peaceful and powerful creatures – but that power dooms them to a grim fate. Turtles are everywhere in Elden Ring. From the first time you encounter a player message telling you there’s a “dog ahead” only to find a shelled creature wandering aimlessly, to the multitude of turtle-themed items you can find, it’s clear that someone in the FromSoftware team has a soft spot for these sweet, docile reptiles. And why shouldn’t they? Turtles (and indeed other adjacent creatures in the ‘testudine’ family, all of which Elden Ring describes as…

all-of-elden-ring’s-horrible-dogs,-rated Rock,Paper,Shotgun

All of Elden Ring’s horrible dogs, rated

FromSoftware’s games are filled with formidable foes, from notorious bosses like the Four Kings and Genichiro Ashina, to infamous regular enemies like Dark Souls’ basilisks, or those sodding kite ninjas from Sekiro. Yet despite the presence of all these terrifying enemies, nothing sets me on edge in a FromSoft game like encountering a dog. The hideous hounds of Dark Souls and Bloodborne were bad enough, but Elden Ring takes canine combat to a whole other level. Read more

the-joy-of-being-op-in-elden-ring Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The joy of being OP in Elden Ring

Look, Elden Ring can be really tough, as all FromSoftware games are, and you will almost certainly get stomped at least a hundred if not hundreds of times during your journey in the Lands Between. However, all this attention on playing up the difficulty, as usually is the case once we get into The Discourse, detracts from the fact that the game can also be hilariously easy. Read more

the-12-hardest-bosses-in-elden-ring Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The 12 hardest bosses in Elden Ring

I’ve spent over 40 hours with Elden Ring and I’m still not very good at it. At this stage I’m less of a worthy Tarnished warrior on their way to be crowned the Elden Lord and instead more of a Mr. Bean type, accidentally succeeding through sheer incompetence alone. I can’t explain it, but my method of defeating Godrick had the same energy as Bean making a sandwich, in that I think the game eventually just took pity on me and let me win the fight to save me any further embarrasment. I’m coming to terms with the fact I…

elden-ring’s-open-world-is-an-expert-in-isolation Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Elden Ring’s open world is an expert in isolation

Lots of open world games – or at least, those that I’ve played – steer you through their maps methodically. Jim, Dave, and Sally all have their map markers in Vice City for a portion of the game, then they’ll shift over to Tilted Towers after a few hours. Perhaps the bridge to Shrek’s Swamp won’t open unless you rescue the princess from Bowser’s Castle later down the line. And there’s nothing wrong with an open world that gently steers you in the right direction. Elden Ring does this with its checkpoints that blow the equivalent of directional arrows in…

elden-ring-dlc:-what-fromsoft-could-–-and-should-–-do-next VG247

Elden Ring DLC: What FromSoft could – and should – do next

With Dark Souls, Bloodborne and more in mind, we’re looking ahead to the future of FromSoft’s latest. Elden Ring has been out for around a month, offering up hundreds of hours of Souls-y goodness. And while there’s plenty to keep players at bay for the foreseeable future, many have been at fever-pitch with speculation as to what may come next for the game. FromSoftware has a rich history of adding meaningful and memorable DLC to its games; from Dark Souls 3’s Ringed City to Bloodborne’s Old Hunters, I’d personally consider FromSoft’s approach to post-launch content to be some of the…

there-is-a-wall-in-elden-ring-that-will-only-come-down-if-you-hit-it-50-times VG247

There is a wall in Elden Ring that will only come down if you hit it 50 times

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. Keep smacking it and it will reveal a room. As you know, there are hidden walls in Elden Ring, but one particular wall takes some work to knock down. Discovered by reddit user teristam, there is a wall over in Volcano Manor that will only come down if hit 50 times. See for yourself here. Once the wall disappears, you will find Rya and Knight Bernhal’s room, which is a bit odd considering you can find it easily enough and…

this-elden-ring-mod-makes-the-game-easier-for-frustrated-players VG247

This Elden Ring mod makes the game easier for frustrated players

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. No need to “git gud” with this mod. Those having a tough go of it with Elden Ring may want to check out this mod from odashikonbu. Available through Nexus Mods, Easy Mode for Elden Ring makes the game a bit, well, easier for you. How it does this, is it reduces the damage you take by 50% and you will dole out an extra 25% in damage. You will also get 10x the runes. Not too shabby. It still…

elden-ring-update-adds-npc-map-markers,-nerfs-your-favourite-summon VG247

Elden Ring update adds NPC map markers, nerfs your favourite summon

A new Elden Ring patch has introduced some fairly big changes to the game, but it’s the humble map marker that might be the be biggest addition. A new Elden Ring patch – bringing the game up to version 1.03, which is available to download and install right now – has introduced a suite of changes to the game that are liable to change your experience quite a bit. One of the headline changes in the patch is the introduction of NPC markers, which you can see on the game’s minimal (and fairly unhelpful) map. Previously, it was easy to…

it-turns-out-elden-ring-isn’t-as-un-pausable-as-everyone-thought VG247

It turns out Elden Ring isn’t as un-pausable as everyone thought

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. A secret button, tucked away deep in the menus, allows players to actually pause Elden Ring. You’re not supposed to be able to pause Elden Ring. This is fairly standard for modern FromSoftware games, and the developer has never really been able to give us any specific reason for the choice (other than ‘it makes the game harder’). Maybe the option has been removed from the title because the developer doesn’t want players to cheese some of the tougher areas,…

elden-ring-is-a-reminder-that-souls-games-get-elevators-right Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Elden Ring is a reminder that Souls games get elevators right

Elden Ring has got me thinking again. Not about its terrible banter I adore or its rolling goats. My mind has turned to its elevators and how FromSoftware does them justice. They aren’t just tools to get from A to B but moving platforms that hide secrets or instill a sense of dread. Not to mention their little pressure plates – god they’re satisfying aren’t they? Read more

i-adore-the-terrible-banter-of-elden-ring-player-messages Rock,Paper,Shotgun

I adore the terrible banter of Elden Ring player messages

Playing Elden Ring before its official launch was an honest experience. I’d flick the game online and see a few messages scrawled on the ground in glowing chalk. It was a Lands Between where “try jumping” wasn’t some evil trickery, and “illusory wall ahead” meant discovering a hidden passage. Since the game’s release, the player messages have taken on a different complexion. Before, I trusted in our small community trying its best to get by. Now I must treat every message with caution as they fight amongst themselves. The world is awash with trolls and their terrible craic, but I’m…