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Have You Played… Rage 2?

Have You Played? is an endless stream of game retrospectives. One a day, every day, perhaps for all time. I have often related how, whilst covering E3 2018 from the UK, I was watching Bethesda’s live show at some ungodly hour in the morning, having not slept for some days because of watching other live shows at ungodly hours in the morning, and suddenly Andrew W.K. happened. He and his band absolutely crushing Ready To Die (Mr. W.K. proving he is indeed a very accomplished piano player in the process) whilst the camera kept cutting to Bethesda’s visibly bemused live…

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Just Cause 3 dev Avalanche hiring for “the largest and greatest AAA project we’ve ever taken on”

By Sherif Saed, Wednesday, 9 September 2020 11:35 GMT Avalanche Studios is expanding, and the developer seems very excited about its new project.Avalanche Studios’ New York team, the one responsible for Just Cause 3, is on a bit of a hiring spree. The studio is looking for a wide range of disciplines to work on what it described as “the largest and greatest AAA project we’ve ever taken on.”As noted by @MauroNL3 on Twitter, the jobs ask for experience with open-world games, which isn’t particularly surprising given the studio’s history. There does appear to be a greater focus on animation…