exclusive-interview-with-nlc-caster-guldborg-on-getting-called-up-to-the-lec-and-why-swearing-at-quickshot-is-on-his-bucket-list ESports News UK

Exclusive interview with NLC caster Guldborg on getting called up to the LEC and why swearing at Quickshot is on his bucket list

Last spring, the EU Masters brought many new eyes to the wealth of talent the European Regional Leagues (ERLs) have to the wider community, with Karmine Corp’s EU Masters win shattering viewership all around. However, the focus it brought was not trained solely on the players, but also the number of casters from the ERLs that were involved. Danish NLC caster Guldborg was one of those names. On June 9th, the LEC announced its casting line-up for Summer 2021 and many names from the regional leagues were announced as guests, with Guldborg making it within their ranks. Continue reading Exclusive…

eu-masters-spring-2021-talent-line-up-announced-with-mostly-uk-&-ireland-casters:-medic,-caedrel,-foxdrop,-munchables,-jamada-and-many-more-join-the-broadcast-team ESports News UK

EU Masters Spring 2021 talent line-up announced with mostly UK & Ireland casters: Medic, Caedrel, Foxdrop, Munchables, Jamada and many more join the broadcast team

The UK and Ireland have been blessed with a range of top esports broadcast talent over the years – and the EU Masters will be featuring some of League of Legends’ best. 10 of the 13 people in the Spring 2021 EU Masters talent line-up are from the UK and Ireland, in what is an eclectic mix of experienced LEC casters and hosts, and those from the European Regional Leagues. From the LEC, there’s Medic, Foxdrop, Caedrel (all UK) and Laure (France), then from the NLC and UKLC there’s Excoundrel, Hiprain, Jamada and Aux (all UK), plus Guldborg (Denmark) and…