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pokemon-go’s-season-of-light-will-see-the-debut-of-the-legendary-pokemon-cosmog VG247

Pokemon Go’s Season of Light will see the debut of the Legendary Pokemon Cosmog

Plus, the Psychic Spectacular event kicks off on Saturday and it will star Inkay. Pokemon Go’s Season of Light kicks off tomorrow, September 1, and it sees the return of Professor Willow along with the debut of the Legendary Pokemon Cosmog. Special Research will unlock over the Season, so make sure to keep an eye on your Research tab. Raids during the Season of Light will feature Deoxys in Normal, Attack, Defense, and Speed forms, and the Research Breakthrough will focus on Medicham. Various Pokemon current in the game will be appearing in the wild depending on the environment and…

pokemon-go-festival-of-colors-event-will-see-the-debut-of-oricorio VG247

Pokemon Go Festival of Colors event will see the debut of Oricorio

The style of Oricorio will vary depending on your region. The next event for Pokemon Go will be the Festival of Colors and it kicks off next week on March 15 and runs until March 20. As part of the Season of Alola, the event will see the debut of Oricorio, the Dancing Pokemon. The Oricorio you encounter will be of different styles depending on where they were caught in the world. You will find Baile Style Oricorio in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Pom-Pom Style Oricorio will appear in the Americas, Pa’u Style Oricorio is coming to African,…

pokemon-go-maker-niantic-launches-initiative-to-help-black-game-developers VG247

Pokemon Go maker Niantic launches initiative to help Black game developers

Studios accepted into the program will receive five months of assistance. The developer of mobile title Pokemon Go, Niantic, is rolling out a scheme to support Black game developers.The Black Developers Initiative is a brand new effort by the studio, with the promise of people who are selected receiving five months of funding, mentorship and development support from Niantic’s “leaders” with the aim of completing a playable prototype of their game. The first team to be welcomed into the Black Developers Initiative is Wicked Saints, with its project World Reborn.The studio is looking to work with similar titles to its…