Atari 50: The Anniversary Celebration

every-indie-game-shown-at-day-of-the-devs-digital-showcase,-november-2022 Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Every indie game shown at Day Of The Devs digital showcase, November 2022

Day Of The Devs is back for round two, with even more indie games for you to wishlist and ogle at. Back in June for Summer Game Fest, 15 games were given the showcase’s coveted spotlight, and now a couple of months on Tim Schfer and his crew have given another group of indies the attention they deserve. That’s a lot of games! It’s also the showcase’s 10th anniversary so let’s all pop our party poppers and jump right into the indie list. Read more

lego’s-atari-2600-is-a-brilliant-bit-of-weaponized-nostalgia-–-and-we-need-a-sega-console-next VG247

Lego’s Atari 2600 is a brilliant bit of weaponized nostalgia – and we need a Sega console next

Lego’s latest build aimed at older fans is designed to stoke the fandom and memories of 90s kids – and despite some superfluous inclusions, it’s a great set. It’s now official, and irrefutable: Lego is no longer just for children. This has always been the case, of course, but in recent years the company itself has started to embrace this fact. First there was ‘Creator Expert’, a line of larger, more complicated and expensive sets. Then came adult-driven packaging, signaled by sleek black boxes and a marketing campaign that gleefully declares ‘Adults Welcome’. Like a lot of the best kids’…