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microsoft-flight-sim’s-second-world-update-spit-shines-the-usa Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Microsoft Flight Sim’s second world update spit-shines the USA

Yee-haw, pilots. Lasso the young’uns to their seats, because Microsoft Flight Simulator‘s next stop is the grand old US of A. The massive aviation sandbox just pushed its second world update, granting a number of states with improved resolutions, laying down some hand-crafted airports and 50 spruced-up points-of-interest to make your stateside tours an absolute treat. (more…)

microsoft-flight-sim-has-impaled-japan-with-two-massive-spires Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Microsoft Flight Sim has impaled Japan with two massive spires

For every action, there must be an equal and opposite reaction. As such, it is only natural that Microsoft Flight Simulator‘s massive hole in the ground be countered by two spear-like pillars of earth on the other side of the globe. Despite last week’s World Update re-jigging the nation’s terrain, pilots this week discovered these colossal spikes bursting out of the Japanese countryside. (more…)

a-perfectly-normal-abyss-has-appeared-in-microsoft-flight-sim Rock,Paper,Shotgun

A perfectly normal abyss has appeared in Microsoft Flight Sim

Yup. That seems about right. After evicting the Queen and erecting a colossal monolith in Melbourne, the unknowable architect behind Microsoft Flight Simulator‘s world gen now appears to have pulled at the very fabric of the Earth, ripping a massive hole out of a field in South America. At least, I very much hope this is a simple computing error – has anyone actually been outside to check lately? (more…)

godzilla-menaces-san-francisco-in-this-microsoft-flight-simulator-mod Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Godzilla menaces San Francisco in this Microsoft Flight Simulator mod

I’ve already gushed about the excellent wildlife there is to find in Microsoft Flight Simulator, but for as lovely as the giraffes and elephants are, the game was clearly missing something a little… bigger. Thanks to some skilled modders, you can add Godzilla to the list of creatures to catch a glimpse of on your safaris – just, uh, don’t fly too close to this one, eh? (more…)