cyberpunk-2077-has-some-truly-ridiculous-gaming-cameos VG247

Cyberpunk 2077 has some truly ridiculous gaming cameos

Cyberpunk 2077 is chock full of references to other video games. After the huge, industry-shaking success of The Witcher 3, CD Projekt RED became one of the world’s most popular game developers. So what do you think happened when they went knocking at other studios about putting a cameo in their game?Many of the references in the game are just nods – little mentions in dialogue of the imminent release of ‘No Life 3’, mentions of Blade Runner, and numerous names that wink to The Witcher and other gaming universes. But a couple go a little deeper.NON-STORY SPOILERS FOLLOW.Back when…

dildos-are-everywhere-in-cyberpunk-2077 VG247

Dildos are everywhere in Cyberpunk 2077

The year is 2077. Corporations control everything. And dildos are everywhere. You might expect a dildo to be found in an apartment bathroom. On the rim of the bathtub itself, perhaps – ready to be of service as part of a relaxing bath. On the nightstand in a bedroom, too. That makes sense. But how about underwater, on the forecourt of a flooded gas station? Just in the middle of a bar? Front and center on the desk of a corporate high flyer, in case a meeting gets boring?In Cyberpunk 2077, dildos are all over the place. In one sense,…

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PS5’s DualSense is mindblowing, but I’m already concerned about the battery life

No joke, PS5’s DualSense might be one of the best controllers ever made. But the battery life could be a problem. Credit has to be given to Sony for the quality and innovation packed into the PlayStation 5’s new controller. The DualSense is slick, comfortable, and though the left stick is still in the wrong place (take it to the comments, people), it genuinely feels like one of the best controllers ever made.It’s a good generation for control pads in general; the Switch Pro Controller is great, the Xbox Series X & S have a strong tweak of a trusty…