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the-tartarus-key-review:-an-absolutely-nails-thriller-puzzler-that’s-worth-the-effort Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The Tartarus Key review: an absolutely nails thriller-puzzler that’s worth the effort

If you woke up in a mysterious mansion, with no memory of how you got there and only a walkie-talkie and a bunch of security cameras for company, how d’you reckon you’d handle it? Personally I know, sure as eggs is eggs, that I would absolutely go to pieces. I’m not hitting the end credits of The Tartarus Key in real life, but fortunately, it’s a nails thriller puzzle game that fuses PS1-style retro graphics with Saw-esque murder traps. Plus, you know, it’s only about six hours end to end, which isn’t bad for a semi-magical kidnap plot. In this…

armor-games-are-the-latest-company-going-to-a-four-day-working-week Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Armor Games are the latest company going to a four-day working week

In an industry known for grinding workers to dust even when not subjecting them with to insutitional discrimination, good news is always welcome. Armor Games, a browser gaming titan of yore and more recently a conventional PC publisher too, have announced they’re switching permanently to a four-day working week of 32 hours. They join a small but growing group of companies in switching, most notably Eidos Montreal who announced last year that they were going to four-day workweeks. Alright, who’s next? Read more