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an-hour-of-new-footage-for-half-life-spin-off-ravenholm-has-been-released VG247

An hour of new footage for Half-Life spin-off Ravenholm has been released

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. The canned game from Dishonored’s developer. Footage of Arkane’s Half-Life spin-off, Ravenholm, has been posted online by Noclip, the YouTube channel known for producing some really great documentaries on games. In the hour-long footage, you are shown the build Arkane created to show the current progress of the game to Valve. This means what you see is not a finished title, but it still offers a glimpse at what might have been. In the game, you would have played as…

prey-will-be-free-on-the-epic-games-store-next-week VG247

Prey will be free on the Epic Games Store next week

Arkane Studios’ sci-fi action game Prey will be made available on the Epic Games Store for free next week, so if you haven’t played it before, you no longer have an excuse not to try it. In Prey, you awaken aboard Talos I, a space station orbiting the moon in the year 2032. You are the key subject of an experiment meant to alter humanity forever – but things have gone terribly wrong. The space station has been overrun by hostile aliens and you are now being hunted. In order to survive you will need to use the tools found…

arx-fatalis,-the-2003-rpg-banger,-is-so-good-it-should-have-absolutely-destroyed-elder-scrolls VG247

Arx Fatalis, the 2003 RPG banger, is so good it should have absolutely destroyed Elder Scrolls

Waiting for The Elder Scrolls 6? Put down Daggerfall – or Morrowind, or Skyrim – and let Arx Fatalis show you a bad time, instead. A decade before Arkane Studios would create the silky-smooth stealth sandbox Dishonored, it released its debut – an altogether dirtier breed of first person action-RPG called Arx Fatalis. Unfortunately, the developer released it just a few months after something called Morrowind. Both games are stuffed with the sorts of things a particular breed of computer anorak gets sweaty over: pantheons of bickering deities, weapon durability, fiddly controls, obtuse levelling systems conceived by an absolute lunatic,…

devolver-digital-published-isometric-rpg-weird-west-delayed-to-march-31 VG247

Devolver Digital-published isometric RPG Weird West delayed to March 31

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. The promising action RPG comes from immersive sim veterans of Dishonored and Prey. Devolver Digital and developer WolfEye Studios announced (thanks RPG Site) that action RPG/immersive sim hybrid Weird West would be delayed to March 31 to make it more immersive and weird, pushing the game two months past its original release date of January. Made up of veterans of immersive sim exemplars like Dishonored and Prey, WolfEye Studios aimed to make a game with a western setting mixed with…

deathloop-has-made-npc-ai-a-lot-more-aware-of-you-with-a-new-patch Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Deathloop has made NPC AI a lot more aware of you with a new patch

Arkane’s sneak-o-shooter Deathloop is a good game, but maybe not quite as stealthy as you might expect from the studio behind Dishonored. Even our Deathloop review said “stealth is just the thing that goes wrong before a good fight”. Well, you might want to be a bit sneakier now, as the game’s second major update has arrived and it makes NPCs a fair bit smarter. The patch addresses some common complaints about the PvP Invasion mode too. Read more

the-joy-of-playing-deathloop-as-the-pettiest-man-in-existence Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The Joy of playing Deathloop as the pettiest man in existence

Hello! How was your day? Oh, me? Well, I spent the morning scheduling a crank wheel delivery to Updaam. Had lunch. Went back in the afternoon, disabled a few turrets, then hid behind a bin for a bit. All solely to turn off an oxygen pump and asphyxiate a bubble-encased band that I could have easily shot in a few seconds. Tomorrow, I may climb to the top of a three story building just to plummet, machete first, on the face of a guard that killed me once a few loops back. Hello. My name is Colt, and I am…

the-making-of-dishonored:-death-of-the-outsider,-and-how-arkane-killed-a-god Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The making of Dishonored: Death Of The Outsider, and how Arkane killed a god

Dishonored: Death Of The Outsider is a revenge and redemption tale, only here the target of your revenge is god. ‘We’re going to kill a god’ might seem like a well-trodden path in JRPG country, but Death Of The Outsider brings something new to the table. Here, the god is a trickster, a victim, and the source of the player’s power. He’s a figure that has come to define the Dishonored series as a whole, and is both revered and pitied by its players. So how, exactly, do you go about killing a god like this? I spoke to the…

the-yervha:-how-to-beat-deathloop’s-fiendish-trivia-machine Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The Yervha: how to beat Deathloop’s fiendish trivia machine

What are the correct answers to the Yervha’s questions in Deathloop? The Yervha, a.k.a. Queen of Riddles, is a trivia machine in Deathloop. If you can answer all 10 of its questions correctly you’ll win a prize! A very modest prize, but a prize nonetheless. And who doesn’t love a good trivia challenge? You certainly seem to, since you’re here! Read more

best-deathloop-trinkets:-what-every-trinket-does-and-which-are-best-for-your-loadout Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Best Deathloop trinkets: what every trinket does and which are best for your loadout

What are the best trinkets in Deathloop? Trinkets might sound frivolous, but they are in fact Deathloop‘s answer to mods: applying them provides potentially very powerful combat buffs, and therefore they’re actually very important. Deathloop’s Trinkets come in two varieties: Character Trinkets (personal mods applied to your player character) and Weapon Trinkets (mods which can be applied individually to every gun in your possession). Read more

deathloop-review:-a-thrilling,-slick-adventure-–-and-arkane’s-best-game-yet VG247

Deathloop review: a thrilling, slick adventure – and Arkane’s best game yet

At the heart of Deathloop in both narrative and video game terms is the titular loop. One might argue that Arkane Studios has embraced something of a loop itself, too. There’s a certain type of game they make, a certain feel that ties together Dishonored, Prey, and now Deathloop. Like this game’s lead, Arkane has forged a new path with a canny combination of repetition and experimentation; repeating and refining many of the mechanics and ideas that made their past games great, while introducing new concepts that serve to elevate the game as a whole. Like I said, chief among…

deathloop-looks-as-vibrant-and-murderous-as-ever-in-its-new-story-trailer Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Deathloop looks as vibrant and murderous as ever in its new story trailer

In just four days Arkane’s new time-looping stealth ’em up Deathloop will be part of our lives, and last night the devs treated us to a new trailer telling us a few titbits about the game’s story. Of course, like most of the other trailers, it’s also full of sneaking, cool powers, lotsa guns, and excellent fashion. It’s almost like we’re stuck in a timeloop ourselves, watching main character Colt slay his way through semi-familiar areas in new ways. I can’t get enough of it. Read more

deathloop-–-here-are-the-pc-specs-and-unlock-times VG247

Deathloop – here are the PC specs and unlock times

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. Can you run it, and when can you play it? Deathloop releases exclusively for PC and PlayStation 5 on September 14 and to prepare you, Bethesda has released the PC specs as well as the global unlock times. Without further ado, below you will find all the information you need to know on the specs and when you can jump into the game. Deathloop PC Specs and Unlock Times PC SPECS Ultra 4K Specs: 4K / 60 FPS With Ultra…

deathloop:-release-date,-pre-orders,-gameplay,-and-more VG247

Deathloop: release date, pre-orders, gameplay, and more

Deathloop – Arkane Studios’ new project about an assassin in a time loop – promises an action-packed adventure of creative kills and thrills. Colt wakes up every day from the same spot on Blackreef Island, whether it’s the end of the day or the end of his life. He and the eight Visionaries seem to be the only ones who realize that the island is in Groundhog Day mode.To break out of the loop, Colt has to kill the Visionaries — a plan that they don’t seem to approve of. The Visionaries order islanders to kill Colt on sight. Julianna, a…

now-that-deathloop-is-delayed-again,-go-play-prey:-mooncrash Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Now that Deathloop is delayed again, go play Prey: Mooncrash

Since Deathloop was first announced, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about Prey: Mooncrash, the exceptional expansion to Arkane’s Prey. It follows a similar sort of formula to what the studio have told us about Deathloop, with roguelite elements and permadeath that essentially mean you’ll need to start all over again after each run. And now Deathloop has been delayed again, I reckon this is the perfect time to get back into Mooncrash – or give it a try if you missed it. Read more

arkane’s-deathloop-delayed-into-september Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Arkane’s Deathloop delayed into September

Six weeks before they were due to release Deathloop, Arkane have announced they’re delaying the timeloop FPS by four months. Previously expected on the 21st of May, it’s now pushed back to September 14th. Sounds like the usual reasons: this past year (and counting) presented unusual challenges, and they want more time to make it good. Which is all perfectly fair. I’ll still be here, happily waiting for a new game from the studio which brought us Dishonored and Prey. Read more