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Arkane’s Deathloop delayed into September

Six weeks before they were due to release Deathloop, Arkane have announced they’re delaying the timeloop FPS by four months. Previously expected on the 21st of May, it’s now pushed back to September 14th. Sounds like the usual reasons: this past year (and counting) presented unusual challenges, and they want more time to make it good. Which is all perfectly fair. I’ll still be here, happily waiting for a new game from the studio which brought us Dishonored and Prey. Read more

deathloop-director-says-xbox-game-pass-will-let-arkane-“remain-creative” VG247

Deathloop director says Xbox Game Pass will let Arkane “remain creative”

By Alex Calvin, Wednesday, 24 March 2021 17:52 GMT A number of the studio’s titles have recently come to the subscription service.The director of Arkane Lyon’s upcoming Deathloop, Dinga Bakaba, has said that Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass service will allow it to keep doing “creative” projects.Speaking to Press Start, the developer said that Arkane joining Xbox Game Studios as part of Microsoft acquiring Bethesda parent company ZeniMax Media came as a surprise, but that ultimately this was good news for Arkane.Deathloop is set to launch on May 21, but in an odd turn of events it isn’t coming to Xbox…

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Deathloop’s ultra-violent groundhog day begins in May

Deathloop has poor assassin-for-hire Colt play out the same bloody day, again and again and again. Now, though, we finally the exact date of your man’s never-ending night of bloodshed – or, at least, the date we’ll be able to get our hands on it. Following a potential leak on an Aussie PlayStation store, a new trailer has put a pin on May 21st as the start of Deathloop’s stabby showdown. (more…)