pokemon-go-has-raked-in-over-$5-billion-in-five-years VG247

Pokemon Go has raked in over $5 billion in five years

By Dom Peppiatt 6 July 2021 11:15 GMT Happy birthday, Pokemon Go! Today, on the mobile sensation’s fifth birthday, it’s been revealed that the game has raked in an impressive $5 billion in revenue.As per a new report from Sensor Tower, the iOS and Android game developed by Niantic has recorded a ridiculous amount of revenue during the half-decade since it first launched.Initially hitting handheld devices in 2016, the game has generated – on average – $1 billion per year (though, of course, there are ebbs and flows). That’s what 632 million downloads can do for you!$1.9 billion of the game’s…

let-shigeru-miyamoto-take-you-on-a-charming-tour-of-super-nintendo-world VG247

Let Shigeru Miyamoto take you on a charming tour of Super Nintendo World

Nintendo has finally lifted the lid on Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan.“Mario’s Dad” Shigeru Miyamoto took to the hosting in a special Nintendo Direct (below) this week showing off the new area in the park.Ever since the area was announced, fans have been clamoring to find out more about the slice of the Mushroom Kingdom coming to our real world. We’ve seen designs and small glimpses here and there of the park, but until now, we’ve mostly had our imagination.That changed this week as Miyamoto took to showing off many of the features of the area in a…

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Japan’s Super Nintendo World finally set to open in February 2021

By Dom Peppiatt, Monday, 30 November 2020 17:09 GMT Japan’s Super Nintendo World theme park will officially open its doors to the paying public on February 4, 2021.That grand opening date for the theme park was announced this morning as Super Nintendo World’s team showed off the first official images of the part, giving us a glimpse of what to expect from the Mario Kart and Bowser’s Castle attractions.According to IGN Japan, Bowser’s Castle will feature a massive statue of the infamous kidnapper and the area based on his lair will feature a ton of details related to the long-time…