apex-legends-tops-198,000-concurrent-players-on-steam VG247

Apex Legends tops 198,000 concurrent players on Steam

By Dom Peppiatt, Sunday, 28 February 2021 16:42 GMT Respawn’s free-to-play battle royale title Apex Legends has hit a new concurrent user record on Steam, proving it’s still a very popular title.Apex Legends was released on Valve’s storefront back on November 5, 2020, and since then it’s been a pretty popular and enduring PvP game.Even by November 10, we saw the game claim the accolade of fourth-highest concurrent player count on Steam – an impressive feat for a game that had been on the storefront for only five days.Now, though, the game has hit an impressive 198,235 simultaneous players on Steam. The…

looks-like-some-big-changes-are-coming-to-apex-legends’-caustic VG247

Looks like some big changes are coming to Apex Legends’ Caustic

One of Apex Legends’ most popular characters, Caustic, may be due a debuff after more players than usual flock to the poison-toting hero in Apex Legends Season 8.Caustic, who hasn’t traditionally been one of the more popular heroes in the battle royale game, has enjoyed something of a renaissance in Apex Legends Season 8. With some new balance changes that went live with a recent update, he’s now the character with the highest win-rate in games that last over 20 minutes (which is, let’s be honest, most of them).During the Reddit AMA held by Respawn to celebrate the launch of Season 8…

new-80s-themed-trailer-shows-off-apex-legends-season-8’s-chaotic-new-character-fuse VG247

New 80s-themed trailer shows off Apex Legends Season 8’s chaotic new character Fuse

By Alex Calvin, Tuesday, 26 January 2021 19:35 GMT New content is dropping with a bang!Our latest look at the upcoming Apex Legends Season 8 is, well, pretty chaotic.The 1980s-styled trailer for the new content – dubbed Mayhem – showcases the new playable character entering the fray, Fuse, whose whole thing seems to be that he’s Australian, a bit mental, and really into explosions. Like, he’s basically Apex Legends’ version of Junkrat, right? Oh and – spoilers – but the trailer ends up with him straight up bottling Mirage, which I can get behind to be honest because Mirage is…