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detective-rpg-gamedec-shows-off-its-very-branch-y-investigations Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Detective RPG Gamedec shows off its very branch-y investigations

In upcoming cybercrimes RPG Gamedec you’re a video game detective. As in, a detective in the game but also a detective about games. As you’d expect from a sleuth ’em up, Gamedec’s story can twist and change based on your detective’s choices, background, and more. Or, as we say in this here world of video games, it has a branching narrative. How many branches? According to Gamedec’s new trailer, it has all of the branches. You’re bound to hit a few of them on the way down when it launches in September. Read more

virtual-detective-rpg-gamedec-has-a-new-demo-and-launches-in-september Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Virtual detective RPG Gamedec has a new demo and launches in September

In the 22nd century, video games are life. Or most of life, anyhow. Gamedec is the upcoming isometric RPG where you, the game detective, investigate cybercrimes in 2300s Warsaw City. It’s gritty. It’s swear-y. Apparently sometimes folks get stuck in naughty sex games. That’s the video games we know and love, folks. You can do a bit of cyber-sleuthing yourself in the latest Gamedec demo until it launches properly in September, Anshar Studios have announced. Read more