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These are your 25 favourite space games of all time

Earlier this month, we asked you to vote for your favourite space games of all time, and man alive did you lot come out swinging for this. Hundreds and hundreds of votes have been beamed in over the last few weeks, resulting in an overwhelming favourite that was (no word of a lie) several thousand points ahead of its nearest rival. Not hundreds. Thousands. When you see it, you’ll probably go, ‘Of course, of course that’s number one!’ but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Come and find out what other games made the cut as we count down your…

pokemon-go-community-day-unleashes-dragon-sized-adventure-on-june-10 VG247

Pokemon Go Community Day unleashes dragon-sized adventure on June 10

Evolve Axew into Fraxure and the rather cool Haxorus next week. Cutie Patootie Axew heads up the next Pokemon Go Community Day, and you can catch oodles of them next weekend on June 10. The Dragon-type Tusk Pokemon will appear more frequently in the wild, and if you’re lucky, you might even catch a shiny. If you evolve Axew into its first evolution Fraxure into the final form Haxorus during the event or up to five hours afterward, the Pokemon will know the Charged Attack Breaking Swipe. Breaking Swipe will provide 50 power and is guaranteed to lower the opponent’s…

pokemon-home-30.0-is-now-available-with-pokemon-scarlet-and-violet-compatibility VG247

Pokemon Home 3.0.0 is now available with Pokemon Scarlet and Violet compatibility

A Mystery Gift is available for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet first launched back in November of 2022, meaning that eager fans have been waiting a while now for Pokemon Home compatibility to be introduced to the game. Well, Pokemon players can rejoice as the Pokemon Home 3.0.0 update has finally arrived, bringing with it the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet compatibility that many were hoping for. The update was initially scheduled for last week, before being pushed back to this week after the official Pokemon Twitter account explained a mistake had been made. Yet to check…

metal-gear-solid-Δ-looks-pretty-goofy-written-down,-but-which-games-have-worse-titles? VG247

Metal Gear Solid Δ looks pretty goofy written down, but which games have worse titles?

What’s in a name? Loads, actually. The Best Games Ever Show Episode 53 Welcome to the Best Games Ever show Episode 53: the best game with a terrible name. The video game industry has a long and legendary history of awful names. Several developers have spent literally millions of dollars on otherwise excellent games just to slap the most staggeringly awful title on the final product. Boring names are common enough, with tepid words like War, Quest or Royale thrown in there more as a tone setter than anything remotely interesting. Then there’s the wild stuff! Metal Gear Rising: Revengence…

gingers?-in-video-games?-who-allowed-this? VG247

Gingers? In video games? Who allowed this?

It’s a mutation. It’s a very groovy mutation. The Best Games Ever Show Episode 52 Welcome to the Best Games Ever show Episode 52: the best game with a ginger protagonist. Cal Kestis of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is just the latest in a long line of Gaming Redheads, an esteemed group that includes such celebrated characters as Official Femshep, Joanna Dark, and what’s-her-face out of Heavenly Sword. And it makes me swell with pride to see this proud tradition continuing. Listen. I’m not even a proper ginger, but my beard has the reddish hue of muddled European stock, and…

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Decarbonise America in the tiny card-based Green New Deal Simulator, out now for free

The Green New Deal Simulator begins with a talking owl. This owl can’t sleep at night, mainly because it’s nocturnal, but also because the planet’s impending environmental doom has affected their shoddy sleep schedule. That’s where the Green New Deal Simulator comes in, a micro deck-builder about transitioning the USA into a post-carbon economy, all while keeping employment rates stable. The results are simultaneously funny, educational, intense, and they help that damn owl get a good night’s rest. Read more

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RPS Time Capsule: the games worth saving from 2003

Welcome back to another RPS Time Capsule. I will age a thousand years by writing this next sentence, but today we’re casting our minds back to twenty years ago, excavating our personal favourite games from the actually quite good year of 2003. Yep, instant wrinkles like I’ve just been caught in a Death Stranding rain shower. I better finish this introduction quickly before I disintegrate to a pile of dust – much like all the other games from this year that didn’t make it into this year’s Time Capsule. Come and find out which ones we’ve decided to save below….

jake-solomon-uncut:-here’s-our-post-firaxis-gdc-interview-in-full Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Jake Solomon uncut: here’s our post-Firaxis GDC interview in full

Over the last week and a bit, we’ve been steadily releasing a bunch of stories from our big, hour-long chat with XCOM and Marvel’s Midnight Suns director Jake Solomon that took place at this year’s GDC. It was a wide-ranging interview, looking at what Solomon plans to do next now that he’s left Firaxis, and how he feels about his 20+ year career there. You can read the condensed version of that interview here, but as a treat for RPS supporters, I thought you might like to read our chat in full. There’s still a lot I couldn’t quite squeeze…

honkai:-star-rail-rekindles-memories-of-absolutely-banging-ps2-rpgs VG247

Honkai: Star Rail rekindles memories of absolutely banging PS2 RPGs

Star Rail doesn’t do anything new or revolutionary, but what it does, it does well – and that’s very nostalgic for a specific flavour of nerd. Are you, like me, a gross little nerd that’s still grumpy about turn-based JRPGs being slowly relegated to mid-budget or handheld titles after the PS2 glory days? Do you miss being rewarded for getting through a tough section with a pre-rendered cutscene? Do you wish the only exploration you had to worry about was picking the dead end at a junction in a corridor to find a treasure chest? Does the very thought of…

fortnite-is-now-officially-an-olympic-(e)sport Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Fortnite is now officially an Olympic (e)sport

Fortniters everywhere, rejoice! Playing Fortnite can now put you on the road to the Olympics, so teachers can no longer scold kids for sneaking in a game during class – that’s how you win gold medals now, goddammit. The Olympics have today announced that the money-printing battle royale has joined the line-up for the Olympic Esport Series 2023, taking place in Singapore next month. Read more

niantic-refutes-claims-of-dwindling-revenue,-reaffirms-pokemon-go’s-robust-performance VG247

Niantic refutes claims of dwindling revenue, reaffirms Pokemon Go’s robust performance

Company claims a recent report stating otherwise is “inaccurate.” Niantic Labs has denied a report that Pokemon Go revenue is down to its lowest since 2018. Yesterday, reported March revenue for Pokemon Go was down to $42.8 million, compared to $58 million in February. It also reported that April revenue dropped even further to $34.7 million. Season 10: Rising Heroes in Pokemon Go is live through June 1. That figure would make Niantic’s total monthly total the lowest it’s been since February 2018, according to the data gleaned from AppMagic. Niantic has denied the report, called it “inaccurate,” and…

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Free-to-play Pokémon TCG Live will fully launch on PC this June

The Pokéverse continues to spread onto the PC route this summer with an updated digital version of the trading card game. The free-to-play Pokémon TCG Live is set to leave open beta and launch fully on June 8th at 10am PT/6pm BST, The Pokémon Company have announced. TCG Live will be replacing the older version of the creature-card-collectathon Pokémon TCG Online, which was first released back in 2011. Read more

indiescovery-episode-9:-our-steam-y-confessions Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Indiescovery Episode 9: Our Steam-y confessions

We’re one episode away from being in the double digits, folks! Whoop! But for now, let’s dive into episode nine of Indiescovery. This time we’re chatting about our biggest Steam sins. That’s right, we’re revealing it all: shamefully ignored indie gems, outrageous playtimes, and games that we promise we’ll return to one day, honest! We also get into what we’ve been recently playing and then end, as always, with our hyperfixations. Read more

honkai:-star-rail-is-already-steam-rolling-it-with-more-than-20-million-downloads VG247

Honkai: Star Rail is already steam rolling it with more than 20 million downloads

MiHoYo is offering some passes as thanks. Honkai Star Rail is chugging along at a strong pace, as the game has already been downloaded more than 20 million times. Genshin Impact developer miHoYo’s latest title is blasting off at the speed of light, as it managed to hit more than 20 million downloads just a single day after launching. This was spotted by industry analyst Daniel Ahmad, sharing the news in a tweet, originally confirmed in a Weibo post from Honkai Star Rail’s official account. It’s certainly an impressive figure, but not exactly a surprising one. Genshin Impact has become…

are-you-one-of-the-20-million-people-downloading-honkai:-star-rail-right-now? Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Are you one of the 20 million people downloading Honkai: Star Rail right now?

With 30 million-odd pre-registrations under its belt prior to coming out, Honkai: Star Rail was always going to be a pretty big deal when it eventually launched. The turn-based anime RPG did exactly that earlier this week, and it’s already been downloaded over 20 million times in just a single day, according to a tweet from analyst Daniel Ahmad. Perhaps not surprising for a free-to-play game, but still. That’s a lot of people. I must admit, I could never quite gel with Genshin Impact, another very anime RPG made by the same developers, but Honkai’s turn-based battles look a lot…