star-wars:-hunters-gets-a-cinematic-trailer-and-a-2022-release-window VG247

Star Wars: Hunters gets a cinematic trailer and a 2022 release window

No longer coming out this year. A new trailer for Star Wars: Hunters has been released, showing off some more of the game as well as two characters you will play collectively. These characters are two Jawas going by the joint name of Utooni who are “scrappers with an arsenal of hidden firepower.” As you can see, one is sitting on top of the other’s shoulders. Jawas are a sentient species of short humanoids native to the Outer Rim desert world of Tatooine. Other characters shown in the trailer include the Sith warrior Rieve, Mandalorian Aran Tal, Sling Shot who…

stardew-valley-crosses-15-million-sold-as-creator-focuses-on-new-game VG247

Stardew Valley crosses 15 million sold as creator focuses on new game

Stardew Valley has sold over 15 million copies on all platforms since its inital release. News of the latest milestone for the game was revealed on the game’s website. While the game remains popular with players, it appears that further update may or may not be developed for the game as its creator, Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone has shifted focus on his lated project. Speaking with Zach “UnsurpassableZ” Hartman on Twitch following the Stardew Valley Cup, Barone said he didn’t “know at this point” whether another update would be released for his debut game due to being busy on the upcoming…

genshin-impact-reminiscence-of-seirai-guide-and-all-reminiscence-of-seirai-locations VG247

Genshin Impact Reminiscence of Seirai guide and all Reminiscence of Seirai locations

Finding memories is hard when you don’t know where they are to begin with. Genshin Impact Reminiscence of Seirai is a new world quest where you try jogging the ancestral memories of former Seirai Island residents with some nice — and very specific — photos of the island. You have a vague guide to work with, but one chunk of purple rock is quite a bit like the next. We’ve put together where to look so you can knock this one out fast. Genshin Impact Reminiscence of Seirai | How to start Reminiscence of Seirai Travel to Seirai Island to…

genshin-impact-palace-in-a-pool-and-how-to-solve-suigetsu-pool-puzzle VG247

Genshin Impact Palace in a Pool and how to solve Suigetsu pool puzzle

Genshin Impact Palace in a Pool is a new one-time Domain on Watatsumi Island, but to enter it, you have to complete Genshin Impact’s Suigetsu pool puzzle first. The puzzle is fairly straightforward, but only if you know what you’re doing. There’s also a second step after the main puzzle that’s easy to miss unless you know where to look. Genshin Impact Palace in a Pool | How to complete Suigetsu pool puzzle The Suigetsu pool puzzle involves a set of Electro totems and compasses. Summon an Electrogranum from the sakura bush, and approach a compass. Stand near the totem…

genshin-impact-fishing-guide-|-all-genshin-impact-fishing-locations-and-fishing-bait VG247

Genshin Impact Fishing guide | All Genshin Impact fishing locations and fishing bait

Set your status to gone fishin’ Genshin Impact fishing is here at last, making miHoYo’s massive open-world experience a true RPG at last. It’s an expansive system with fishing spots dotted across the entire world. You’ll need to fish quite a bit to unlock some of the more advanced bait, though. Genshin Impact Fishing | How to get a fishing rod in Genshin Impact The fishing system is only open to those at Adventure Rank 30 or higher. You’ll also need to complete the initial Serenitea Pot world question that opens before the Inazuma prologue. Finish that if you haven’t…

genshin-impact-storm-beads-location-and-how-to-find-thunder-manifestation VG247

Genshin Impact Storm Beads location and how to find Thunder Manifestation

Finding Storm Beads takes you to a shocking new boss. Genshin Impact Storm Beads are a new drop item in the 2.1 update from the also-new Thunder Manifestation boss. Getting to the boss requires a bit of work, though. You’ll have to make Seirai Island safe before you can even get close to the Thunder Manifestation. Genshin Impact Storm Beads | What are Storm Beads Storm Beads are a level-up Ascension material both Baal and Sara use. It’s possible future characters could use them as well, such as Yae Miko, though for now, these two are the only ones. Unlike…

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eFootball 2022 will deliver a feature-rich first season to Konami’s free-to-play sports platform

The first update will bring Creative Teams and coincides with the mobile launch of the platform. Konami announced today that its new free-to-play sports platform eFootball 2022 will receive its first season of content on September 30 for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC. The update will also mark the launch of the platform on iOS and Android. At launch, eFootball 2022 will feature the ability to play against nine different real-world teams either offline or online. The teams featured are FC Barcelona, FC Bayern München, Juventus, Manchester United, Arsenal FC, SC Corinthians Paulista, CR Flamengo, CA…

genshin-impact-spectral-husk-locations-and-how-to-farm-spectral-husk VG247

Genshin Impact Spectral Husk locations and how to farm Spectral Husk

The warrior from another world needs an otherworldly item to Ascend. Genshin Impact Spectral Husk is a new Ascension material introduced in the 2.1 update. It’s from a brand-new enemy, and you’ll need plenty of it if you want to upgrade some of Genshin Impact’s newest characters. It’s rare, though, so plan on hunting Specters rather often. Genshin Impact Spectral Husk | What is Spectral Husk Spectral Husk is a new series of Ascension materials that you’ll only find by defeating Specter enemies. These come in several different Elemental varieties, but like Elemental Hilichurls, they all drop the same things….

genshin-impact-aloy-build-guide-|-the-best-aloy-weapon,-artifacts,-and-more VG247

Genshin Impact Aloy build guide | The best Aloy weapon, Artifacts, and more

The hero from another world presents some unique opportunities for builds, but really shines on PlayStation consoles. The best Genshin Impact Aloy build can turn this middling crossover character into a versatile Cryo warrior. Aloy is at her best on PlayStation, but mobile, PC, and F2P players fret not. She’s still viable on other platforms, even without her special bow’s unique skills. How to get Aloy in Genshin Impact miHoYo is giving Aloy out for free in the Genshin 2.1 update to all PlayStation players. Cross-save means PC and mobile players can also play as Aloy using cross-save, but those…

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Marvel Future Revolution tier list and best Future Revolution starting character

They all make a heroic effort, but a few of Marvel Future Revolution’s heroes rise above the rest. Choosing the best Marvel Future Revolution hero to spend your time and grinding on makes a world of difference in NetMarble’s new MMO. They all have unique traits that make them fun to play, true. However, a few stand out as the best choices for getting started and carrying you through the rest of the game. Marvel Future Revolution tier list | The best Marvel Future Revolution heroes Captain America Captain America is your go-to starting hero and one of the best…

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Pokemon Go’s Season of Mischief kicks off on September 1 and features Hoopa

Starting September 1, Pokemon Go players will be able to participate in the Season of Mischief which will focus on an adventure starring Hoopa. The season will feature a month-long Special Research story called Misunderstood Mischief, which will focus on discovering more about Hoopa and the strange occurrences happening throughout the Season. The Season of Mischief will run from Wednesday, September 1, 2021, at 10:00 a.m. to Wednesday, December 1, 2021, at 10:00 a.m. local time. Those who complete this Season’s Special Research story will gain access to an event at the end of which may have something to do…

genshin-impact-bal-build-guide-|-the-best-baal-weapon,-artifacts,-and-more VG247

Genshin Impact Bal build guide | The best Baal weapon, Artifacts, and more

The Electro Archon is a powerful addition to your party, no matter what your style is. The best Genshin Impact Baal build can make the Electro Archon really sparkle on any team. Baal is a powerful addition to the Genshin roster, and she’s flexible enough to excel even without her new five-star spear. There’s even a strong F2P option that rivals her best paid build. Genshin Impact Baal build guide | Is Baal DPS? Baal is one of the strongest characters in Genshin Impact so far, with an attack stat that rivals Diluc and a base defense stat of 61….

pokemon-go-developer-reverses-pokestop-changes-after-community-protest VG247

Pokemon Go developer reverses PokeStop changes after community protest

Pokemon Go PokeStop spin distance has been increased after community backlash. Niantic Labs has reverted recent changes made to the spin distance in Pokemon Go, allowing players to hit up PokeStops from a safer distance than what was implemented earlier this month. Now, instead of a 40-meter distance needed to spin a PokeStop, players will only need to be 80 meters aways to take a spin. See, before corona raised its wretched head, the distance to spin a PokeStop in the game was 40 meters. This was fine and dandy when there wasn’t the possibility of getting sick. It allowed…

oshawott-will-be-the-featured-pokemon-for-pokemon-go-community-day-in-september VG247

Oshawott will be the featured Pokemon for Pokemon Go Community Day in September

The cute little sea otter will soon be all over the place. Niantic has announced Oshawott will be the next Community Day Pokemon. Pokemon Go players will find the cute little critter appearing all over the place come Sunday, September 19. Things will kick off at 11am local time, and run until 5pm. During this time, the otter will be appearing more frequently, and will be attracted to Rainy Lure Modules. If you are lucky, you may even encounter a shiny Oshawott. If you evolve the Pokemon into Samurott during the event, and up to two hours after it ends,…

genshin-impact-v2.1-brings-new-characters-and-fishing-to-the-game-on-september-1 VG247

Genshin Impact v2.1 brings new characters and fishing to the game on September 1

Genshin Impact is getting a new round of playable characters with the next update along with the ability to fish. Also, PlayStation players will find Aloy added to the game. Genshin Impact v2.1 releases September 1, and it comes with plenty of content and fun things to keep you busy. The latest update features more landscapes and the final chapter of Inazuma’s main storyline. It also contains three more playable Inazuma characters, Liyue’s tradition the Moonchase Festival, fishing, and the free cross-over character Aloy for PlayStation users. Following the expansion released in v2.0, the main storyline revolving around the Traveler,…