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tunic’s-soundtrack-is-a-shot-of-synth-to-soothe-the-soul Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Tunic’s soundtrack is a shot of synth to soothe the soul

Lots of people (Katharine) said how much they liked Tunic. An isometric action game about a fox dressed as Zelda who goes an ickle wickle adventure. How good could it really be? Good apparently. Fine, sorry Tunic fans (mainly Katharine) I was very wrong. Brendy’s Tunic review (oh, and sorry Brendy) goes into why the game is an isometric treat. But there’s another thing I’d like to highlight: the music. It’s a magnificent work companion or study aid or meditative ascent to nirvana enabler. Read more

tunic-review:-a-cunning-zelda-homage-with-a-touch-of-souls Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Tunic review: a cunning Zelda homage with a touch of Souls

Clink your wine glass. Tunic is not so much a love letter to Zelda as it is a wedding speech. Many games pay their respects to the blonde lawn mower and his absentee princess, but few have such fondness and understanding of the exact feelings those adventures conjure up, the precise sensation of exploring, the nook-scavenging, and the meticulous internal mapping that happens when you play Zelda’s brand of wundergame. Tunic might have sacrificed some of its own identity in hitting every Ocarina note so perfectly, but when the result is such a capable homage it’s hard to complain. Read…

elusive-fox-adventure-tunic-is-playable-this-weekend Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Elusive fox adventure Tunic is playable this weekend

It’s been a minute, eh Tunic? For as long as I’ve been paying attention, Andrew Shouldice’s sharp, foxy roll n’ slash has been hiding in the bushes. Ever-present, yet always skittering just out of sight. But while Tunic may be no closer to an eventual release, you can play a bit of it right now thanks to a free Gamescom demo. (more…)