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these-are-your-25-favourite-space-games-of-all-time Rock,Paper,Shotgun

These are your 25 favourite space games of all time

Earlier this month, we asked you to vote for your favourite space games of all time, and man alive did you lot come out swinging for this. Hundreds and hundreds of votes have been beamed in over the last few weeks, resulting in an overwhelming favourite that was (no word of a lie) several thousand points ahead of its nearest rival. Not hundreds. Thousands. When you see it, you’ll probably go, ‘Of course, of course that’s number one!’ but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Come and find out what other games made the cut as we count down your…

humankind’s-launch-trailer-is-willing-to-murder-for-the-moon Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Humankind’s launch trailer is willing to murder for the Moon

Today has brought the launch of a new 4X strategy game from Amplitude Studios, the makers of the Endless Space and Endless Legend games, and it’s a good’un. Humankind is their take on a Civilization-sorta historical strategy game, growing a nation and its culture across the aeons – with inevitable conflict. This is demonstrated in the launch trailer, where a jaunt to the Moon turns frankly very illustrative of humankind. Read more

humankind-is-also-coming-to-xbox-game-pass-for-pc-at-launch Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Humankind is also coming to Xbox Game Pass for PC at launch

Humankind is sure angling for a strategic victory this month, outlasting other contenders in the shrinking pool of the top games in August we’d been looking forward to. Better yet than just holding its ground, Amplitude Studios have just announced that their Civ-alike will be coming to Xbox Game Pass for PC at launch as well. That, and they’ve prepared a snazzy trailer full of big numbers to show just how much you’ll be able to get up to in their 4X ’em up later this month. Read more

humankind-is-a-delightfully-complicated,-full-fat-4x-strategy-–-even-though-its-devs-want-to-“kill-micromanagement” VG247

Humankind is a delightfully complicated, full-fat 4X strategy – even though its devs want to “kill micromanagement”

The 4X strategy genre thrives on complexity – but the latest challenger in the genre wants to reduce tedious micromanagement.Watch on YouTubeThe last time I played Humankind, the new Civilization-like 4X game from Amplitude Studios and Sega, I described it as “complex, clever, and more unique than you might think”. Back then, in a more limited early-game hands-on, I could only see the teases of true depth at the edges of the playable section. Now, in a new hands-on, I’ve been able to see Humankind’s depth and complexity right into the mid-game. Here’s the headline: it’s impressive, satisfying, and just…

humankind’s-new-demo-gives-you-over-a-week-to-tackle-the-first-four-eras Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Humankind’s new demo gives you over a week to tackle the first four eras

Amplitude’s upcoming 4X strategy game Humankind was expected to launch yesterday until it was delayed to August. It may not be the full launch, but you can still get your hands on a good chunk of it right now. Amplitude have launched another of their OpenDev game demos, this one including the first four eras of the game for you to navigate as well-known strategist Victor Hugo. That is what he’s famous for, yeah? Read more

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Have You Played… Endless Legend?

Late one crisp Christmas Eve, four years before I joined Rock Paper Shotgun, I was overjoyed to see that the team had elected Endless Legend as the best PC game of 2014. Back then I was in the middle of what would turn out to be a period of obsession that lasted about 230 hours of time in-game. I was in love with the landscapes, the storytelling, and the new ideas that Amplitude has injected into a formula that had barely changed since I was first introduced to it as a kid with Civilization II. Read more