lost-ark’s-machinist-class-arrives-this-month-with-big-own-brand-iron-man-vibes Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Lost Ark’s Machinist class arrives this month with big own-brand Iron Man vibes

Fantasy MMO RPG Lost Ark introduces its next advanced class on September 28th, the Machinist, and he has a certain smug, goateed high-tech familiarity to him. Think of the Machinist as the Aldi equivalent to Marvel’s Tony Stark, Iron Man. He’s still packed to the circuit boards with machine guns, lasers and drones, even if he is an own-brand alternative to the Armoured Avenger. Read more

lost-ark’s-may-update-adds-a-smashing-new-class-and…-a-playable-chicken? Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Lost Ark’s May update adds a smashing new class and… a playable chicken?

The May update for Amazon Games and Smilegate’s multiplayer online action RPG Lost Ark introduces a new class this week that really enjoys smashing things up: the Destroyer. The ‘Destined For Destruction’ update also brings a brand-new Guardian Raid, Deskaluda, which looks like a dragon made out of Victorian iron fencing and ooze-green Dulux. Axe-wielding goat lad Valtan arrives this month to finally incorporate team-based Legion Raids into the Western version of Lost Ark too. Read more

lost-ark-may-roadmap-reveals-the-destroyer,-valtan-legion-raid,-and-more-coming-soon VG247

Lost Ark May roadmap reveals the Destroyer, Valtan Legion Raid, and more coming soon

With enough players adequately geared up, lots of end game content is on the way. The May Roadmap for Lost Ark has just been released through an official blog post, and details the incoming arrival of the Destroyer advanced Subclass, Valtan Legion Raid, Deskaluda Guardian Raid and more later this month. While no specific dates for each of these are given, the introduction to the blog implies some of the challenging PvE content will be landing during the later weeks. The post states: “After closely monitoring alongside Smilegate RPG, we feel that enough of our player base has reached the…

the-head-of-amazon-games-is-leaving Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The head of Amazon Games is leaving

Mike Frazzini, the head of Amazon Games, is leaving over a decade after helping found the megacorp’s video games division. Hey, it’s probably good to go out on a high, having finally found success with New World and Lost Ark after years of failures and cancellations. A prior report claimed he was part of why it took them so long to do anything, mind. Read more

lost-ark’s-mokoko-island-is-a-great-example-of-the-game-at-its-best Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Lost Ark’s Mokoko island is a great example of the game at its best

This article contains spoilers for Lost Ark’s main questline. Lost Ark is a very silly game, but not in the way it initially seems. For its first 15 hours or so, Smilegate’s ARPG is like someone described Lord of the Rings to the developers through a door, an overblown yet generic riff on Western fantasy tropes with overdesigned yet underwritten characters, all of whom talk about the game’s plainly ridiculous lore with the gravity of a neutron star. The game’s ignorance of its own absurdity is funny, but the story itself is not much fun. This begins to change once…

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Lost Ark reviews round-up, all the scores

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. Lost Ark is finally out in the West, which means we no longer have to read Google-translated reviews from Russia and Asia. The release of Lost Ark in Western territories has been a long-time coming, to say the least. The game is finally in players’ hands, even as many continue to be stuck in long queues. But has it all been worth the wait? To answer that question, we’ll need to take a look at the critical consensuses. Lost Ark…

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Lost Ark launch delayed minutes before it was due to open

Amazon Games had planned to launch Lost Ark at 5pm today, officially opening the free-to-play action-RPG’s gates to all after a paid ‘head start’ period. Well! Mere minutes before launch, Amazon announced there’s been a hold-up. They say they hope to resolve the “deployment issues” “in a matter of hours”. We’ll see! Read more

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Amazon hires Rainbow Six Siege’s core creators to develop a new multiplayer game

By Sherif Saed, Tuesday, 23 March 2021 15:00 GMT Amazon has opened its fourth game development studio.Amazon has announced today the establishment of a new development studio in Montreal, Canada, under its Amazon Games banner. The new team is lead up by Luc Bouchard, Alexandre Remy, Xavier Marquis, and Romain Rimokh – and will focus on creating original AAA games.Bouchard, Remy, Marquis, and Rimokh are names that should be very familiar to Rainbow Six Siege players. The veteran developers have been the face of Rainbow Six Siege for years, having contributed to its inception, design and continued evolution. Marquis, and…