smooya-helps-fnatic-reach-iem-closed-qualifier-forming-a-temporary-uk-trio-with-alex-and-mezii ESports News UK

Smooya helps Fnatic reach IEM Closed Qualifier forming a temporary UK trio with Alex and Mezii

British CSGO player Owen ‘smooya’ Butterfield stepped in as a temporary player for Fnatic on the weekend, and showed an exciting glimpse of a potential UK core roster. He stepped in after Fnatic AWPer Jackinho was moved to the bench and Fnatic were able to strike a deal with Movistar to enlist the services of smooya temporarily. Fellow AWPer smooya was benched by Movistar back in August, but is still contracted to the Spanish organisation. Continue reading Smooya helps Fnatic reach IEM Closed Qualifier forming a temporary UK trio with Alex and Mezii

fnatic-sign-uk-csgo-players-alex-and-mezii ESports News UK

Fnatic sign UK CSGO players Alex and Mezii

London-based esports giant Fnatic have brought two UK CSGO players onto their roster: William ‘mezii’ Merriman and Alex ‘ALEX’ McMeekin. The pair previously played at Cloud9 together before the org put their CSGO operations on hold, and earlier this year, mezii joined UK esports organisation Endpoint. ALEX will be the in-game leader for Fnatic’s CSGO side, and the pair join Swedish players KRIMZ, Brollan and Jackinho. Mezii said: “I’m excited to finally announce that I’ve joined the Fnatic family! Continue reading Fnatic sign UK CSGO players Alex and Mezii

here’s-your-e3-2021-schedule,-from-ubisoft-to-nintendo E3

Here’s Your E3 2021 Schedule, From Ubisoft To Nintendo

As fan registration opens for access to the E3 2021 portal and app, organizers have released a tentative schedule of virtual press conferences for the four-day event, starting with Ubisoft and Gearbox Entertainment on Saturday, June 12, and ending with Nintendo on Tuesday, June 15. The four-day show, hosted by Alex “Goldenboy” Mendez, Jacki Jing, and Greg Miller, will feature panels, game demos, celebrity cameos, and other means of filling the time, punctuated by press conferences and presentations by major publishers. Here’s the basic run-down of the show’s major beats. Hopefully, we’ll get specific timing on all of the publisher…

a-twitch-streamer-unearthed-cards-from-a-fake-’90s-pokemon-ripoff,-and-fans-are-pretending-the-series-was-real-all-along-[update] Twitch

A Twitch Streamer Unearthed Cards From A Fake ’90s Pokémon Ripoff, And Fans Are Pretending The Series Was Real All Along [UPDATE]

There’s elaborate performance art, and then there’s what renowned Twitch jester Jerma did over the weekend. In a truly inspired stream, he parodied the recent Pokémon booster pack craze by going out into the Nevada desert and pretending to excavate a chest seemingly full of unopened Pokémon cards from 1997. They turned out to be something different: Grotto Beasts. Spoiler: Grotto Beasts is not and never has been a real series, but that hasn’t stopped Jerma’s community from taking the joke and running with it to the furthest ends of the internet.