nba-2k23-gameplay-changes-have-been-revealed-–-improved-accessibility,-new-techniques,-and-better-ai VG247

NBA 2K23 gameplay changes have been revealed – improved accessibility, new techniques, and better AI

NBA 2K23 is nearly with us, releasing September 9 this year. In the build up to launch, we’ve learnt a lot about the gameplay changes coming to the hugely popular basketball game. This includes improvements to shooting, dribbling, and blocking with new gesture combos, AI improvements, accessibility features and more. We’ve broken down each major change coming with the latest release from 2K, so if you want to hit the court running, check out each major gameplay change coming to NBA 2K23 below! Watch the NBA 2K23 trailer here! First, there’s the pro stick and a vast selection of new…

gta-6-could-feature-smarter-npcs-thanks-to-newly-uncovered-rockstar-patent VG247

GTA 6 could feature smarter NPCs thanks to newly uncovered Rockstar patent

A new Take-Two patent has been discovered that appears based on improving the intelligence and navigation capabilities of AI.The patent, which registers a “system and method for virtual navigation in a gaming environment” has been posted on Reddit in the last few days, though the actual document was originally filed by Rockstar’s parent company, Take-Two, back in October 2020.In the simplest terms possible, the patent is geared at making non-player characters’ (that’s NPCs, for short) artificial intelligence a little smarter and more organic, in an attempt to move away from current AI solutions that are starting to feel a little out-dated.The…

new-tech-allows-ai-to-detect-toxicity-in-voice-chat,-but-i-think-humans-might-be-too-smart-for-it Rock,Paper,Shotgun

New tech allows AI to detect toxicity in voice chat, but I think humans might be too smart for it

Toxicity in games is no fun, and in this year of our lord 2020, there seems to be a growing trend of using artificial intelligence to find and deal with toxic players. I don’t just mean in text chat either; the companies Modulate and FaceIt have both created AI that can supposedly detect toxicity in voice chat from the way that someone says something. Part of me that feels like this is a good idea. Having a way of quickly and easily getting rid of them is great. However, I’ve heard one too many stories about AI learning to be…