Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition

age-of-empire-2’s-return-of-rome-expansion-adds-every-civilisation-from-the-first-age-of-empires Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Age Of Empire 2’s Return Of Rome expansion adds every civilisation from the first Age Of Empires

Real-time strategy game Age Of Empires 2: Definitive Edition is now exploring the series’ own history with the Return Of Rome expansion pack, bringing back The Roman Empire and every other ancient civilisation from the very first Age Of Empires game. It’s coming on May 16th, and it essentially lets you battle and conquer like it’s 1998 again. Read more

age-of-empires-ii:-definitive-edition-is-getting-controller,-crossplay-and-cloud-support Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Age Of Empires II: Definitive Edition is getting controller, crossplay and cloud support

Today marks the 25th anniversary of strategy classic Age Of Empires, and to celebrate Xbox Game Studios have announced a ream of updates coming to Age Of Empires II: Definitive Edition next year. Technically, the main bit of news from tonight’s anniversary stream is that both Age Of Empires II: DE and Age Of Empires IV will be arriving on Xbox consoles in 2023 (that, and Age Of Mythology is coming back), but the upshot of all that is that the PC versions will be getting the very same benefits, including controller support, crossplay with consoles and cloud gaming support….

age-of-empires-2:-definitive-edition’s-dynasties-of-india-dlc-adds-lots-of-elephants Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Age Of Empires 2: Definitive Edition’s Dynasties Of India DLC adds lots of elephants

Our Nate (RPS in peace) is a big fan of Age Of Empires 2, calling it the best strategy game ever made and, in his Definitive Edition review saying it was still that, “but now, there’s a lot more of it.” Well, there’s more of it again, now, with the release of the Dynasties Of India DLC. If you want to watch an elephant headbutt a pyramid until it bursts, watch the trailer below. Read more

age-of-empires-4-looks-like-it’s-got-the-right-balance-between-old-and-new-and-elephants. Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Age Of Empires 4 looks like it’s got the right balance between old and new. And Elephants.

Despite being the fifth main game in its series, the only way of looking at Age Of Empires 4 is as a sequel to Age Of Empires 2. The first and third Age titles were both fine games, of course, as was their stoner cousin Age Of Mythology. But it was AoE2 that would be enshrined as one of the all-time RTS greats, and it’s the inevitable benchmark against which AoE4 will be measured, when it launches later this year. Just the twenty-year fug of strategy dad nostalgia surrounding the series would have been a significant enough headwind for AoE4…