join-us-for-our-first-rps-game-club-liveblog-this-thursday Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Join us for our first RPS Game Club liveblog this Thursday

Come one, come all to our very first RPS Game Club liveblog session about this month’s chosen pick, Hi-Fi Rush. We’ll be piling into a liveblog on Thursday March 30th at 4pm BST (that’s 9am PDT / 11am EDT), so please do come and join us to talk about what you loved most about Tango Gameworks’ infectious rhythm action brawler. Read more

zelda:-tears-of-the-kingdom-gets-new-gameplay-demonstration.-watch-it-here! VG247

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom gets new gameplay demonstration. Watch it here!

Where and when to watch the upcoming gameplay for Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom! There’s some new gameplay for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom that’s due to show off some exciting new gameplay for the hotly anticipated open world action RPG. It’s a must-watch for every Zelda fan out there, but you might be wondering where to watch the new Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom gameplay? If so, look no further than this guide! We’ve got info on exactly when and where you can watch the gameplay demonstration as it happens below, so keep on scrolling for…

nintendo-is-showing-off-10-minutes-of-zelda:-tears-of-the-kingdom-gameplay-tomorrow VG247

Nintendo is showing off 10 minutes of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom gameplay tomorrow

Presumably Link will still be able to swing a sword. Nintendo is hosting a small Direct completely focused on showing The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom gameplay tomorrow. Kicking off tomorrow, March 28 at 3pm BST/ 4pm CEST/ 10am ET/, Nintendo will show off about 10 minutes of Tears of the Kingdom gameplay on the company’s YouTube channel. It will be hosted by, unsurprisingly, series producer Eiji Aonuma. This marks the first time that Nintendo will actually show off the game in action, rather than through what appears to have been camera angles the final game won’t actually…

square-enix-shows-off-final-fantasy-16’s-big-and-beautiful-world VG247

Square Enix shows off Final Fantasy 16’s big and beautiful world

The latest trailer goes all in on the land of Valisthea. Square Enix has released a new Final Fantasy 16 trailer focused on showing off its incredibly gorgeous looking landscapes and locales. Final Fantasy 16 is obviously leaning more into its fantasy elements compared to the last few numbered entries, but that hasn’t hurt how it’s looking. Square Enix gave us a new look at the game yesterday (March 25) during its PAX East panel, offering a brief tour of some of the different locations we’ll be visiting throughout our time spent with it. Personally, the reveal trailer didn’t inspire…

rps@pax-2023:-we-chat-with-the-wrestlequest-devs-about-broken-noses-and-busting-rpg-traditions Rock,Paper,Shotgun

RPS@PAX 2023: We chat with the WrestleQuest devs about broken noses and busting RPG traditions

Liam and I had a fun time chatting with the folks over at Mega Cat Studios about their upcoming wrestling RPG WrestleQuest last year at PAX West, and this time at PAX East we finally cornered them in the ring for a proper interview. Watch below to learn about how the developers created their zero to hero story, how they’re addressing myths and persaonl issues in the world of pro wresting, as well as sharing a story about how one of the team got their nose broken in a wrestling accident during development. My main take away from the interview…

rps@pax-2023:-hell-of-an-office-is-a-fiendishly-fast-action-platformer-in-the-vein-of-neon-white Rock,Paper,Shotgun

RPS@PAX 2023: Hell Of An Office is a fiendishly fast action-platformer in the vein of Neon White

I’ve played a bunch of indie game demos at PAX East, but none left my head reeling as much as 43 Studios’ fiendishly frantic action platfotmer Hell Of An Office. It’s a super fast parkour adventure in the vein of Neon White, and after ten minutes with the demo my heart race was through the roof. If I owned a fitbit it would have been screaming at me to have a nice sit down with a cuppa. Check out my full impressions in the video below: Hell Of An Office puts your platforming reflexes to the test as you’re tasked…

sonic-frontiers-free-update-adds-photo-mode,-newly-added-features,-and-more VG247

Sonic Frontiers free update adds Photo Mode, newly added features, and more

Prepare for a couple of new timed modes. The first of three free content updates for Sonic Frontiers has been released, and it comes with newly added features and modes. Dubbed the Sights, Sounds, and Speed update, it includes a Photo Mode and a Juke Box that allows you to play your favorite tracks while exploring the Starfall Islands. It includes tracks from Sonic Frontiers and past Sonic games. Totaling 53 songs, 13 are instantly unlocked and playable as soon as the game is updated. You can unlock the remaining 40 songs by collecting Sound Memories across the five islands,…

witchfire-gameplay-demonstration-shows-off-the-power-of-spellcraft VG247

Witchfire gameplay demonstration shows off the power of spellcraft

Fair is foul and foul is fair: Hover through the fog and filthy air. Witchfire, the gothic roguelite first-person shooter from Polish indie developers The Astronauts, was recently shown off during the Future Games Show Spring Showcase. Featuring commentary from senior game designer Karol Krok, the video displays the different types of spellcraft available to witch hunters. These include spells, hexes, and curses which can be used upon enemies. Witchfire gameplay trailer, with commentary, shows off some powerful arcane magic. The wide variety of spellcraft available to the witch hunters is just as important as their arsenal of guns, and…

dark-and-darker-pulled-from-steam-due-to-cease-and-desist-from-nexon VG247

Dark and Darker pulled from Steam due to cease and desist from Nexon

Legal issues are plaguing Ironmace after accusations of asset theft. Ironmace, the developer of fantasy FPS dungeon PvPvE adventure Dark and Darker, has pulled the game’s page off Steam. The developers have run into issues of late with industry giant Nexon going after the studio. Apparently, one of the developers used to work at the company and is accused of stealing assets and code which Nexon claims are being used in Dark and Darker. An unforgiving hardcore first-person fantasy dungeon adventure. Get loot or die trying! Two weeks ago, Ironmace was served a search warrant by Korean police, who searched…

resident-evil-4-remake-sets-concurrent-franchise-record-on-steam VG247

Resident Evil 4 Remake sets concurrent franchise record on Steam

Resident Evil 4 Remake is out today, and even with most people still at work, it is already doing well on Steam. According to SteamDB, Resident Evil 4 Remake has 140,240 concurrent users as of press time, and we expect the number to grow over the weekend. Compared to other Resident Evil games on Steam, the remake has set a new concurrent record compared to the previous holder Resident Evil Village with 106,631 users at its peak. With its release, Resident Evil 4 Remake is one of the top-selling games on Steam in the US at the moment. A remake…

somehow,-the-ultra-violent-winnie-the-pooh-horror-movie-is-clearly-inspired-by-resident-evil-4-–-here’s-proof VG247

Somehow, the ultra-violent Winnie-the-Pooh horror movie is clearly inspired by Resident Evil 4 – here’s proof

As games come back around to influence film, it’s no surprise that Resi has influenced a horror film – but that doesn’t make it any less weird. Winnie-the-Pooh: Blood and Honey is a roaring carnival of witless bullshit. There are things in this movie which defy any sane classification: simply saying them out loud makes you seem as if you’re confessing to some crime or other. At about 15 separate points during the movie, your mind will whisper ‘can everyone else see this, or have I totally snapped? Am I dead?’. In the Silent Hill 2 remake, when James finds…

resident-evil-4-remake’s-mercenaries-mode-will-release-in-april VG247

Resident Evil 4 Remake’s Mercenaries mode will release in April

You’ll need to complete the main game first. Today is the day many of us have been waiting for, with Resident Evil 4 Remake now being out in the wilderness and available to play! Capcom has shared a shiny new launch trailer with fans, which also details when we can expect RE4’s Mercenaries mode to become available. Catch the Resident Evil launch trailer right here. For those not familiar with Mercenaries, it’s a game mode that’s often present in Resident Evil titles, which has you facing off against a horde. The goal? To kill as many gruesome enemies as possible…

lords-of-the-fallen’s-technical-showcase-is-pretty-impressive VG247

Lords of the Fallen’s technical showcase is pretty impressive

During GDC 2023, CI Games studio Hexworks revealed a technical showcase for its dark-fantasy action-RPG Lords of the Fallen as part of Epic’s State of Unreal keynote. Powered by Unreal Engine 5, the showcase revealed one of the reboot’s early locations, character customization, adaptable armor, and the Lumen Global Illumination lighting. Lords of the Fallen – State of Unreal Technical Showcase Trailer GDC The demonstration also showed how you can travel to and swap between the two worlds: Axiom, the realm of the living, and Umbral, the realm of the dead. Five times larger than the 2014 original, the game…

hellblade-2-looks-frighteningly-real-in-new-unreal-engine-5-tech-demo Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Hellblade 2 looks frighteningly real in new Unreal Engine 5 tech demo

Epic Games held their State Of Unreal presentation last night, where they talked about the new tech coming to Unreal Engine 5.2, unveiled Fortnite’s Creative 2.0 mode, and debuted new looks at upcoming UE5-developed games such as Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2. The first hack-and-slashing adventure already had pretty lifelike faces, but the spooky sequel is taking things a step further with some frighteningly realistic tech. Read more