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saf-esports-to-open-uk-hq-after-signing-new-pro-fifa-player-and-performance-drinks-partner ESports News UK

SAF Esports to open UK HQ after signing new pro FIFA player and performance drinks partner

UK-based esports organisation SAF (Serious About FIFA) Global Gaming will be hosting an event to mark the opening of its UK headquarters next month. SAF will open its HQ at Snetterton Race Circuit in Norwich, Norfolk, on Saturday September 4th 2021. There will be friends of SAF and industry guests invited, with the likes of top UK FIFA caster Brandon Smith in attendance. SAF will use the new HQ to train its esports team and SAF FIFA academy players, with several PlayStation 5 consoles at the venue and 1GB internet. Continue reading SAF Esports to open UK HQ after signing…