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Omori Emotions Chart | How to inflict emotions and which to use

Emotions in psychological horror RPG Omori determine a character’s strengths and weaknesses in a fight.Watch on YouTubeTo put it simply, Emotions operate like a slightly more complicated game of rock-paper-scissors. A character whose current emotional state is strong against an enemy’s state won’t automatically win a fight against them. However, the character with advantage in the situation will see their base stats deal more damage to their enemy. What does the Emotions Chart do in Omori? Other emotions How to inflict emotions Enemy emotions and rewards What does the Emotions Chart do in Omori?The Emotions Chart is a key item…

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English translation of Ask Iwata book launching in April

By Alex Calvin, Friday, 8 January 2021 15:57 GMT Viz Media is publishing a collection of interviews conducted by the former Nintendo boss.An English translation of a book collecting Nintendo’s Iwata Asks is being released later this year.The 176-page hardcover book – dubbed Ask Iwata – is being released by publisher Viz Media, with an April 13 street date in the US, while it will be coming out in the UK two days later. This follows the book’s original release in Japan back in 2019.Iwata Asks was a series of interviews conducted by the titular beloved Nintendo exec that began…

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Nintendo removes 250 DSiWare games from 3DS eShop

By Alex Calvin, Wednesday, 6 January 2021 15:53 GMT And it gave no warning that this was coming.It looks like Nintendo is pulling a number of its DSiWare games from the 3DS eShop.As first spotted by Twitter user @comeoutpunching, DSiWare titles released before mid-May 2011 have been removed from its digital storefront as of January 1, 2021. No warning came from the platform holder.Delisted Games reports that more than 250 DSiWare titles have been taken down from the previous total of 448 that were previously viewable in the eShop category. Trying to access these games gives players the message: “This…